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A Witch's Primer

Welcome To A Witch's Primer!

Here's a simple study guide:

  • Bookmark this Lesson Page for easy future access

  • Take all 18 lessons in order

  • Listen to one audio lesson per week (see the list below). Review as many times as needed during the week. Find links for each lesson below.

  • Complete all the assigned homework.

  • Make sure to work with any meditations included for that week.

  • Be sure to join our Forum  and/or our Facebook group

  • In our forum, you can join in the discussions with other students, and download support material.

  • Remember that the links mentioned in the audio recordings are old and are no longer active. Find us on the forum instead!  

A Witch's Primer

Audio Lesson Index

Written Handouts

I Learned the Craft through verbal lessons, not books or handouts. I teach the same way. There are a few written materials that are necessary, however, and you may download these right here:


AWP is an audio course. There are only a few pieces of written material.  The bulk of that material is just scanned from the text of my original book, A Witch's Primer, that I used to use as a handout for my classes.  


I've only included the few pages from that that were absolutely necessary. 


The page numbers from these scans don't correspond to anything in this course. Please disregard the few discussion questions that made it on the scan as well. 


It may appear that the handouts are missing something, but they are complete. 

Ariel's Corner


  • Get support from other students and practitioners.

  • Get your questions answered.

  • Take part in assignments and challenges to improve your magic and increase your power.

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