Magic Has Been Defined As:

...the science of the magi. 

...the Art and Science of causing a change to occur in conformance with one's will.


...the aim of religion using the methods of science.


...the changing of one's consciousness at will.

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Results Are Your Proof

In magic, what matters most is not the system or tradition one follows, but the effectiveness in achieving repeatable results. If magic cannot offer practical results, then why should one even bother with it? 

Whether you are a novice or a long-time practitioner of the Art, I recommend that you settle for nothing less than effectiveness in your magic.

A powerful witch or magician always has clear-cut written objectives for each and every magical operation they perform. Those objectives always have parameters that are well-defined so that they are able to factually determine if and when their objectives have genuinely been met.

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Verifyable and Repeatable Results

Whether your objective is the Knowledge of and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel, or perhaps just to increase your monthly financial income, your magical goal must be able to be verified once it has been achieved.


There should always be time limits established in order to determine whether or not there have been obvious stirrings toward the manifestation of your spell.


It is important to recognize when a spell is not working so you can decide to either troubleshoot or abandon it.

If you're not getting verifiable and repeatable results with your magic, then something in your system needs to be adjusted.

Magic is Practical


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Do yourself a favor, and approach magic practically. Don't allow yourself to be superstitious about anything. Don't take anyone's word for anything. Experiment and prove it for yourself.

Make sure that you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Follow directions carefully. Keep a record of your objectives, your methods, and your results. 

With regard to the free training you find on this site, if you don't understand something, then ask. Get on our Facebook group to get the support you need.

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