Ariel's Daily YouTube Magic Stream

I teach live on YouTube 6 days per week (I take Mondays off). 
Streams start at 10:15 AM Pacific Time

Tuesdays: Tarot Tuesdays - Live tarot class--no readings
Wednesdays: Witchy Wednesdays - Live magic lessons 
Thursdays: Thoughtful Thursdays -- Live Psalm Magic
Fridays: Fearless Fridays - Live Witch's Rosary Magic
Saturdays: Psalmic Saturday - Live Psalm Magic
Sundays: Soulful Sundays - Livestream lectures

Note: Once we have a video for each Psalm in the collection, we will do Psalm magic just once per week on Saturdays.  What are we going to do on Thursdays.....????


Ariel's Corner-- dedicated to the very real power of magic.

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