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A Basic Multipurpose Talisman

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This talisman is very simple to make, extremely flexible in its applications, is a lot of fun, and is very effective. It's a method of reconditioning your deep mind to receive that which you desire.

You can use this talisman for any purpose. If you work magic with the lunar cycles and and/or with planetary or angelic forces it is quite easy to include these practices into the talisman, but these practices are optional as described below. I've included a video demonstration of the practice at the end of the post to show you how simple it is.

A Basic Multipurpose Talisman


1. A piece of paper (any color)

2. A pen or pencil (any color)



1. Draw a semicircle, leaving only a small opening at the top.

2. Sign your name at the top, inside the circle.

3. Write three single words as thought-seeds below your name. These thought-seeds should address the desire for which you are making the talisman. These three single words should be in the language you use the most. This particular talisman does not require special scripts, just write like you normally do.

4. Allow your first thought-seed to be the word PEACE. Remember that peace is a "package deal." Anything you desire is inherent within the goal of PEACE.

5. Allow your second thought-seed to be a word that represents a quality of spirit that your desire requires (for example, LIFE for healing; SUBSTANCE for money; TRUTH for a lawsuit, etc).

6. Allow your third thought-seed to address your desire directly (for example, PROMOTE for a job promotion; GROW for an increase in pay; MATE for a perfect mate, etc.)


7. Draw the circle closed. Once you have closed the circle, the talisman is active. This is all you need to do; the rest of the following steps are optional.

8. Draw the planetary symbol of the planet or angel you are working with in the four corners of the talisman.

9. Consecrate the talisman with a perfume sacred to the planet, angel or deity you are using. Note: Vervain (verbena, or "Van Van") is an all-purpose perfume. You may use either oils or spray perfumes as you prefer.

9. Light a candle and set it on top of the talisman. Let the candle burn down and out by itself. Note: never leave a burning candle unattended. Snuff it if you must leave and relight it when you come back. You may either use a white candle, or a candle of the color appropriate to your desire, or force you are working with.



10. Allow the active talisman to be on a flat surface, facing up. Put nothing directly on top of the talisman. In order to hide your talisman, place it in a drawer, a cabinet, or on top of a tall bookcase, etc. but with nothing sitting directly on top of it.

11. The thought-seeds listed on the talisman will be broadcast to the deep mind of whoever you have named on the talisman.

12. Don't have more than three active talismans at once for the same person.

13. To deactivate a talisman simply tear it and thus open the circle.When deactivating a talisman, take a moment to feel the thought-seeds being planted deeply in your aura or the aura of whoever you have named in the talisman.

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