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A Simple Talisman

The talisman I'm teaching you to create in this post requires no equipment other than a piece of paper and a writing implement. White paper and ballpoint pen or pencil are just fine.

Start out by drawing a circle on your paper. Use a glass, jar lid or some other form so your circle is round. When you draw the circle, don't complete it all the way. Leave a small opening at the top (see the video example at the end of the post).

Write the name of the person for whom you are making the talisman (usually your own).

Then write one, three or five power words. These are single words in your own native language and writing. These words represent the solving of your problem. For instance, if money were needed, a power word might be either WEALTH or CASH;

If you were in danger, then perhaps SAFE or SECURE; If you were lonely, you might consider COMPANION or PARTNER.*

If you were doing a spell for getting your groceries paid for this month, you might write:


If you were casting to stay safe in a dangerous situation, you might write


Once you have written in the name and power words, simply draw the circle closed. That's it. That's all you need to do. Your talisman is active the instant you close the circle.

Keep your talisman private, in a drawer or cabinet. Leave it lying face up. Don't let anything touch its surface. We call this phase "Broadcasting."

A Communication Device

The talisman is communicating the power words to your deep mind in a way that cannot be argued. As long as the talisman is left undisturbed, it will continue to broadcast to the deep mind.

While your talisman is active, don't block the transmission. If you notice yourself indulging in fear thoughts regarding the problem at hand, immediately recite your power words to yourself either silently or aloud. Once you are feeling peace again then forget the matter completely.

We have found that more than three active talismans tend to dilute our results. So, if you are named in three talismans, simply deactivate one of them (usually the oldest) before creating a new talisman.

To deactivate a talisman, simply tear it. Once the circle is broken it has stopped broadcasting forever. When you do this, we recommend that you take a deep breath and close your eyes and feel a rush of energy as these ideas become permanently "installed" in your energetic body. You may feel a little shiver or goosebumps when you tear it.

Seems too simple to work

Are the complex talismans more powerful than this simple one? As far as giving a magical means for helping you get your practical needs met? Absolutely not. In fact, simple is often better in the case of practical magic.

The more complex operations are extremely important though, but not because they hold any more potency in getting practical results. They are important because they help us to deepen and strengthen ourselves as practitioners of the Craft. We are called further into the mysteries, and there is no end to the depths of wonder and beauty we can discover on the Way.

Magic is your birthright. You always have available to you simple but powerful techniques that support you in getting your needs met. Thinking that you have to wait until you have a comprehension of the more complex theory that lies behind the magic before you can use it is akin to thinking you need an engineering degree in order to operate your TV.

* I recommend that top power word in any talisman be either PEACE or SERENITY. If we place any other goal before the goal of peace then we can never be happy nor have our true needs met.

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found it and thanks


Mar 31, 2020

Really helpful. Thank you!


Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Mar 30, 2020

Onur one candle is sufficient. I prefer small candles myself, but if you have a large one, make sure it's new (one candle=one spell), and let it burn down and out by itself. Larger candles just take longer to burn. BB


Mar 27, 2020

Hi Ariel again. I ve just watched the video above. Thank you again for this clear video. While watching it, I ve come up with a few questions in my mind. 1. If our candle is a bit big, can we continue using it next day on the same parchment like a night lamp in a room? 2. After candle is melt out completely, can we use another candle on it for the same purpose? I liked the term broadcasting for the parchment. I asked these questions, because i think mind (at least mine) can be more receptive subliminally, also methodology is important.


Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Mar 27, 2020

Thank you Onur!!!!

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