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Ancient Spell to Protect and Heal

Hi friends!!!

There are spells for COVID-19 already.

They have been used for centuries for all outbreaks.

Some spells have better track records than others.

This one's track record is actually quite impressive.

We use it to keep ourselves and our vicinity safe. It's self care.

Protect yourself several times per day, as needed.

We keep our spirit centered on the GOOD, no matter what.

We take precautions in the real world. We do our best to keep well using worldly methods...but we also ADD magic.

Lean IN to your Craft in times when things are crazy in the world.

Manifest your good in the midst of it all.

Have GOOD days no matter what kind of day other people are having.

Good begets good.

Good is healing.

Claim your safety and your health. Claim it for yourself and for your family.

It's your birthright!

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