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COVID-19 - What Can Magic Do?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We seem to just be approaching the thick of this outbreak.

It's pretty scary.

The world around us reports back that we are vulnerable, unsafe, and entering a downward spiral of evil and uncertainty.

People are doing what they can to exert some sense of control over their lives: They hoard. They stockpile. They cut in front of others to get supplies which they fear will become scarce.

At the moment, there isn't any cure for this disease. No one knows what will happen. What, if anything, can magic do to help?

Real magic only works efficiently when it's used to effect change within one's own sphere of influence. Do you currently have within your magical sphere of influence the means for changing public policy, the actions of large groups of people, or the general life span of this outbreak?

Probably not.

If not, then it's a waste of time and energy to do spells to attempt to cure anything on those levels.

Instead, do magic for YOURSELF.

Do spells to stay healthy.

Do spells to stay safe.

Do spells to make perfect choices.

Do spells to successfully ride the changing tides as they come.

Do spells to keep your emotional balance.

Do spells for financial prosperity in the midst of it all.

Do spells to be a blessing to each and every person you encounter.

Do spells to have ALL your good manifest for you in spite of everything that is happening around you!

Be responsible.

Do everything you're supposed to do in the world to stay safe and healthy and ADD magic to those efforts.

Magic is not a replacement for responsible behavior; instead, magic is a great amplifier of power.

Stay safe and healthy.

Here is a good Psalm spell that has been used during outbreaks for centuries. It will work for you just as well as for anyone else. You cycle through the three psalms -- working one Psalm per day.

Do a minimum of three cycles.

The three Psalms to use in this spell, are Psalm 3, Psalm 13 and Psalm 91.

Be sure you always use the Psalm Magic Formula when using Psalms as magic!

Love and blessings,


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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2020

Exactly what I needed. Thank you Ariel 🙏

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