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Cynics, Fluff-Bunnies and Gratitude

What we are grateful for expands and what we are cynical about imprisons. There is so much more available to us right in our midst that remains invisible to us because we are so cynical and devoid of sincere gratitude. The world has it all backwards. The world teaches us that once life gives us something to be thankful for then we'll be grateful. But the way things really work is completely the opposite of that.

Our gratitude CREATES experiences for which we are grateful. Once we are grateful, we become seekers of gratitude. We start to notice more and more reasons to be grateful even in the midst of what everyone around us is complaining about, or being afraid of. Our gratitude becomes a power that we wear. As our power grows, we notice how much more of an influence for good we are. We notice that our gratitude starts to actually change things around us in amazing ways.

But had we waited for the ways to change before invoking the power of gratitude nothing would have ever happened. Help from a higher power does not come unbidden. Helping someone who doesn't ask is attempting to betray their free will; this is, by definition an invasion. An invasion is an attack.

Love doesn't attack. Angels don't attack. Your higher power doesn't attack. By choosing to experience gratitude first, we are bidding this power to come and guide us and help us, to heal us and bring us back into balance and harmony in all ways. This old talk of mine goes into a lot of this, plus finds me in a particularly feisty mood!


Blessed be

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1 Comment

Melissa Welsh
Melissa Welsh
May 28, 2020

I loved this lecture!

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