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Deities, Gods, Goddesses and Angels

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

There is only one Power. There is only one presence. There is only one force. There is only one substance. There is only one source.

This Power has many qualities: Perfect Love, Infinite Truth, Divine Peace, Infinite Intelligence, and so on.

When light hits a prism, it makes a rainbow. The qualities of the divine are akin to the colors in a rainbow.

The idea of a prism is a powerful context for comprehending deities and angels.


Working with deities as separate entities having no Divine Order back of them is superstitious and often brings about chaotic results.

If there truly were separate, competing universal forces, we would have to wait for a battle between these forces each time we wanted to do something as simple as turning on a light.

But there are no competing forces.

When you familiarize yourself with the spheres on the Hermetic Tree of Life, you can see these spheres as prismatic expressions of the one Power. A god, goddess or angel may exist on more than one sphere on the tree, depending on which aspect of the entity is being considered.


We might say that Aphrodite is a personification of the divine quality of Perfect Love on Sphere 7; we could contend that Arianrhod is a personification of the idea of Divine Law on Sphere 3. We could see the Archangel Michael as a personification of the concept of Infinite Life on Sphere 6; whereas we could perceive the Archangel Gabriel as the personification of the divine principle of Soul on Sphere 9. There are many methods of calling forth these Spheres, including working with gods, goddesses and angels. We always must remember however that there is only one light, even when we perceive that light as a separate color. There is only one Power, even when we perceive that Power as a deity.


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2 commentaires

Melissa Welsh
Melissa Welsh
24 mars 2021

I love this description. I've always thought of deities in terms of slides in a Viewfinder toy. A wheel could contain a pantheon and no matter how many slides you looked at, they would all be God because the truth is that God is the light that shines through and allows you to see the image.

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
25 mars 2021
En réponse à

Nice! Blessed be.

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