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Magical Principles

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Methods come and go, but principles are eternal!

I've studied and practiced magic for the majority of my life; but only started my "formal" magical training about forty years ago. In that time I've seen a great many types of magic. Some have worked well, while others have failed miserably.

To paraphrase Aleister Crowley, Magic is the aim of religion, using the method of Science.

This means that we desire repeatable, objective results. To achieve this, we must keep good records. Our results themselves are how we measure whether or not our magical operations are successful.

There are many different methods and techniques of magic, but certain principles must always be followed in order for magic to be effective.

The man who grasps principles often can successfully handle his own methods; but the man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Streamlined Magic

It is my greatest desire to teach a streamlined system of magical working that brings consistent practical results using no blinds, no oaths, no superstitions and no time wasting nonsense.

Magic, the art and science of the magi, is the creation of results in the physical plane using invisible tools. When magic is successful it can appear to the uninitiated as though it is supernatural.

Magic is actually quite natural. In fact, we use magic every second of every day; but we most of us use it habitually and unconsciously.

This explains why so many people tend to reap results in life that are the opposite of what their stated desires are.

A thorough training in magic gives the opportunity to be the master of your life rather than its slave. That thorough training is what I aim to provide for all of my students.

In the coming weeks and months, I plan on presenting many wonderfully potent techniques

of magic.

I hope that you will join me!

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This is very exciting. Welcome back!


Lucretia Ravenswood
Lucretia Ravenswood

Love the quote - it's akin to understanding the grammar of a language before one goes on to expand one's vocabulary. Vocabulary with no grammatical structure would be nonsensical.

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