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A Ten-Day Prosperity Psalm Spell

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Prosperity Is Your Birthright

Whether you are in great financial need or are simply desiring an upgrade in your financial situation, this 10-day prosperity psalm spell can help.

We all need money to survive, but why should mere survival be our goal? As we work this spell, we will realize it is right for us to have all the money we need to do what we want to do when we want to do it. There is nothing selfish or sinful in wanting to have money.

Unfortunately, many believe that to have the money they desire, it is necessary to do evil or harmful things to themselves or others.

These people confuse prosperity with greed. Greed is not prosperity. Greed comes from a mindset of poverty based on fear.

Working Psalm Magic for Prosperity

By working this 10-day prosperity psalm spell, it brings only good to us and everyone with whom we come in contact. Any psalm spell requires only a book of psalms. You can use a standalone book of psalms, a Bible, or an app on your phone or computer to read the psalms. If you are not yet familiar with the basics of working Psalm magic, you can download my free booklet, How To Work Psalm Magic. Here, also, is a brief talk called Getting Started With Psalm Magic:

The Ten-Day Prosperity Psalm Spell

To work the Ten-Day Prosperity Psalm spell, you just work one psalm per day from the following collection of prosperity psalms:

Day 1: Psalm 21 Day 2: Psalm 26 Day 3: Psalm 42 Day 4: Psalm 72 Day 5: Psalm 74 Day 6: Psalm 76 Day 7: Psalm 81

Day 8: Psalm 84 Day 9: Psalm 111 Day 10: Psalm 132 When working each psalm, employ the Psalm Magic Formula. After you have finished the Ten-Day Prosperity Psalm Spell, notice how you feel. If you feel a sense of peace and certainty about your financial situation after you have completed the spell, that means your spell is finished!

If you don't feel that sense of peace and certainty, then do another round of the ten days.

Financial Success For You

Make sure of your success by keeping in mind a few prosperity principles: 1. Don't speak of lack or hard times. Turn your harmful speech around. For instance, instead of saying, "I can't afford that," say, "I don't want to buy that right now, but it can be mine in divine order if I do want it."

2. Fall asleep each night with a prosperous thought such as, "All my financial needs are now met in divine order." 3. Stop thinking of money as evil or wrong. Just because some people use money greedily isn't money's fault. Remind yourself that you aren't seeking to make a god of money. Instead, you are seeking to make money your servant. 4. Take some time every day to think about what you want your financial life to look like. This is a much more constructive use of your time than worrying about bills. 5. If you have a pressing financial need, conjure feelings of financial success by stating, "I am grateful that Infinite Intelligence is instantly meeting this need." Continue to do this each time the fear or worry enters your mind until you have neutralized the negative thought form. 6. Do what is in front of you to do. Allow yourself to be guided and led by the intuitive powers of your incredible mind. Ask Infinite Spirit to show you each step of the way. Take everything one little step at a time. You deserve to be financially prosperous. Claim your right to financial abundance starting right now. The following talk gives a more in-depth overview of the principles of prosperity:

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Ariel Gatoga
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