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Discover the Mystical Powers of Samael: The Angel of Mars and Spirit

Exploring the Powers of the Teaching Angels -

Part 1: Samael, the Angel of Mars and Spirit

Gustave Doré (1832-1883), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (Samael & Jacob)

My free Basic Angel Magic Course teaches about eight teaching angels, powerful beings dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and discover your true Will. Each angel represents a planetary body with unique powers to aid those seeking guidance. In this series, we will explore all eight teaching angels, starting with Samael, the angel of Mars.

The Angel of Action, Passion, and Desire

Samael is an Archangel whose name means "venom of God." In some religious teachings, he is known as a fallen angel and is believed to be an angel of destruction and punishment. Yet, in others, he is seen as a benevolent figure that can bring spiritual transformation. Samael is often believed to be the angel Jacob wrestled with in an ancient Hebrew myth.

In my practice of the Pauline Arts of angelic magic, Samael is a benevolent guide who exists solely to serve the Creator and fulfill his purpose to help humanity. He exists to help us tap into our inner strength and courage, make difficult decisions, and take action toward realizing our desires. As the angel of Spirit, Samael guides us to find our passion and connect with our true Will, leading to powerful magic and enlightenment.

Consistent magical practice can spark the flame of creativity and allow us to connect with the divine quality known as Spirit consciously. This force enables us to conquer obstacles in our journey and manifest our true Will. The quality of Spirit aligns with the Qabalistic Sphere of Strength or Geburah. Being linked with the influential planet Mars and the mighty Archangel Samael, it is always active and never idle.

Samael, the Archangel of Mars, embodies the triumphant force of Spirit that inspires us to take action physically and mentally. Throughout history, spiritual leaders have emphasized the importance of taking action, persevering, and making firm decisions. At times, we may be guided to take no action in the physical world, but even during these periods of physical inactivity, we are still engaged in focused mental activity.

The Amazing Power of Spirit

By allowing ourselves to engage with the energy of Spirit and embody the power of Samael, we can build our spiritual strength and find true empowerment. Taking inspired action, triumphing over adversity, and making clear, informed decisions are all important steps on our magical path. It's important to remember that even when we may feel stuck or uncertain, the power of Spirit is always active within us, waiting for us to move forward and succeed.

The active and passionate pursuit of a connection with Spirit can bring true blessings and liberation to our lives. Focused, disciplined, and clear objectives are essential to harness our spiritual energy effectively. We must actively seek Infinite Spirit to achieve empowerment, avoid distractions, and stay aligned with our true Will. Through a conscious connection to Spirit and the guidance of Samael - the embodiment of the powerful Martial force - we can grow and succeed with discipline, focus, and steadfast determination.

When feeling uninspired, lethargic, or fearful, seeking guidance from Samael can provide invaluable support in overcoming obstacles and delays. The routine of daily life can distract us from the priceless gift of Spirit, but we can revive our connection to Spirit by taking inspired action to pursue our desires. By connecting with Samael and Spirit, we can gain clarity, focus, and the strength to overcome any challenge that comes our way.

The Virtuosity of Samael

The art of virtuosity requires continuous practice and action. Just like a virtuoso violinist practices for hours to perfect their craft, we too can become virtuosos of magic by consistently engaging in actions that yield the desired results. Through virtue, we become a force that positively impacts the world. By staying connected to Spirit, we find the power to conquer anything and everything that may challenge us.

Samael, the Archangel of Mars, symbolizes the angelic force of Spirit that resides within us, ready to help us on our journey. We can experience spiritual conquest and self-empowerment through Samael's guidance and strength. Although Mars is often associated with war and conflict, the power of Samael embodies the energy of righteous passion, courage, and determination, which enable us to overcome obstacles and delays and receive infinite good.

To release the powers of our Spirit and harness its strength, we must remain focused on our desires and commit to our true Will. By making firm decisions and staying determined, we achieve liberation and victory. In every step of our spiritual journey, we must remain vigilant and consciously connected with the powerful force of Spirit, allowing its vitalizing energy and reassuring presence to guide our every step.

Spirit requires us to decide to act—action through the power of Samael and the forces of Mars to conquer any obstacle. To become a virtuoso of magic, it is important to practice virtuous actions continually. Trust in the power of Spirit and the guidance of Samael to lead you to your highest good, and learn to master your craft with dedication.

The Meek Inheriting the Earth: Embracing Composure

Samael, the angelic expression of Mars, is often misunderstood as a symbol of anger and wrath. However, his true power lies in composure and peace. Being connected to Spirit equips us to remain calm despite adversity and take action inspired by the Divine Design - which always results in success. The Meek Inherit the Earth, which is so because of the great power of composure and the quiet strength of these individuals, also known as Magi or Adepts. Their discipline, training, and composed nature enable them to execute their desires flawlessly, remaining calm even in the toughest challenges.

The true magic lies in actively pursuing activities that align with divine inspiration. By prioritizing actions based on Spirit's direction, we become a powerful force that can positively impact the world. Let us welcome our connection to Infinite Spirit, fuel our desires, overcome obstacles, and create the change we wish to see in the world.

Samael's unique approach to handling conflict and adversity can transform our lives. He teaches us to handle attacks with self-discipline, using opposition to our advantage. By reacting gently, irrational attackers are exposed, resulting in a peaceful resolution or making them retreat in fear. This prioritizes safety and cultivates true strength through composure.

Obstacles can arise at any time, challenges that we may think are impossible to overcome. Whether it's a mechanical issue or a personal danger, calling upon Samael and the power of Spirit gives us the strength and protection to overcome them. Samael's teachings guide us to see beyond the physical aspect of a situation and tap into the spiritual realm to find a solution.

Samael's Mastery of Mars through the Four Magical Elements

Samael helps us discover and kindle unique hidden powers within us by encouraging the healthy flow of the intense powers of Mars through the four magical elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Mars's warrior energy ignites our boldness and assertiveness, while its intense emotional energy can spark transformation. Samael brings the angelic manifestation of these powers, guiding us toward growth, happiness, success, and safety, imbuing every step of our journey with divine Will and victory.

Trust in Samael's holy guidance to give you the courage and determination to face any challenge. Anything is possible with faith in your inner powers and the divine design. Each obstacle offers an opportunity to grow stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled when Samael teaches us how to triumph over it through the four elements of magic.

Build your inner power with Samael's guidance, allowing the magical elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to infuse your journey with wonder. Embrace challenges with courage and determination, develop your inner abilities, and believe in the divinity within you. By doing so, you can achieve spiritual ascension and experience growth, happiness, and success in a journey full of magic and miracles.

Mars In The Element of Fire - Immediacy

Samael offers us the power of Mars through the element of fire as Immediacy, allowing us to fulfill our desires and conquer problems bravely and quickly. Indecisiveness and hesitation can paralyze us, stunting our growth, but with Samael's divine guidance, we can destroy these obstacles and move confidently to victory and achievement. By invoking Samael's divine help, we access the force of Mars in fire and overcome all doubts and uncertainties.

Punctuality is one way to demonstrate a connection with this fiery power of Spirit. Being punctual represents respect and gratitude towards the divine forces in our lives. It is a mystical force that strengthens our bond with our higher will, freeing up our innate abilities, which enable us to achieve greatness. Samael teaches punctuality because it connects us instantly with Spirit. By being timely, Samael guides us to find respect for ourselves and others which, in turn, brings us an even greater experience of our connection with Spirit.

Chronic lateness, procrastination, or indecision create obstacles in our lives, hindering and delaying our good. Instead, we can embrace immediacy and take the next potent step toward manifesting our desires. Samael's guidance can help us overcome indecision, hesitation, and inactivity, enabling us to connect with the fiery energy of Mars and move swiftly to our desired outcomes. By finding this inner strength and courage, we honor our connection to the divine and open ourselves to our inner powers of creativity, resourcefulness, and purpose.

Let us trust in Samael's divine guidance as we undertake our journey of spiritual ascension. He gives us the tools to break through obstacles and unblock the flow of our powers. With Samael as our guide, we can proceed confidently and purposefully, moving toward spiritual ascension and ultimate victory over all that stands in the way of our good.

Mars In The Element of Water - Sincerity

Samael illuminates the force of Mars through the mystical element of water within us by teaching us the virtue of Sincerity. When we allow ourselves to be authentic to our inner guidance, we access the infinite resources of Spirit and free ourselves to reveal our true will. It's easy to get caught up in societal pressures, which are often quite insincere, but when we follow Samael's guidance, we learn to stay true to the actions we know to be right and thus ascend to excellence.

Sincerity is a cornerstone of the ancient Philosopher's Stone, giving us the key to spiritual immortality. This virtue lifts us beyond the limitations of the physical realm and enables us to achieve spiritual ascension. In contrast, insincerity leads to spiritual death and causes stagnation and morbidity. If we allow him, Samael will destroy the demons that cause stagnation and delay our sacred destiny.

We can behold Spirit's truth and strengthen our connection to Spirit through Samael's power of Sincerity. Honesty with ourselves and our Creator is the first step we must take. We can ask Samael for bravery and strength whenever we struggle to be truthful. By asking for the courage to see, know, and hear the truth, we become vessels for truth and sincerity in all our experiences. Let us embrace Samael's mystical force of Sincerity and move towards our desires with the highest magic, overcoming obstacles and manifesting our true Will.

As we honor our connection to Spirit and uncork the magic within us, we can eliminate stagnation and achieve excellence. Following Samael's guidance, we achieve spiritual mastery. Trusting ourselves and cultivating the power of Sincerity brings permanent peace and fulfillment. Let Samael be your guide to greatness, relax and find inner peace amidst any apparent challenge.

Mars In The Element of Air - Ingenuity

Samael's presence unleashes our capacity for ingenuity and encourages us to pursue our dreams boldly. With his guidance, we uncover an abundance of inspiration and energy that helps us surmount any obstacle and achieve our desires.

To harness our powers of ingenuity, we must adopt an attitude of openness and curiosity. We need to embrace each experience and learn from it. We awaken to our full creativity and ingenuity potential when we view every moment as an opportunity to experience Spirit and evolve our beings. This enables us to extend Spirit's creativity and fulfill our purpose.

The gift of ingenuity enriches us in countless ways. By expressing our unique perspectives, we witness a wellspring of joy and fulfillment that transforms our lives and the people around us. Ingenuity also helps us see hidden treasures in everything, whether pursuing creative passions, solving challenging problems, or merely admiring beauty.

With Samael's support, we can unblock our inner storehouse of ingenuity and awaken the flow of magical current that vivifies and energizes our lives and the world. When we live guided by Spirit, we find purpose, creativity, and passion at every turn. Whether pursuing a long-awaited dream, embarking on a new venture, or savoring beauty, Samael aids us in tapping into our inner power and achieving an ingenious life.

Mars In The Element of Earth - Vigilance

When Samael works through the element of Earth, the Archangel of Mars encourages us to cultivate the quality of Vigilance. The mystical force of vigilance protects our minds and integrity from any influences that might lead us to impulsive decisions that are not in our best interests. By keeping our minds clear and our hearts centered on our inner guide, we make informed decisions that align with our desires and true Will.

Vigilance is an essential quality that leads to success and abundance. By embracing this power, we experience infinite prosperity and joy. Samael reminds us that the world rewards us based on what we give, and through our vigilant actions, we can give our best and achieve greatness. With Samael's guidance, we can avoid distractions and stay true to ourselves, setting clear goals and working towards them with determination and focus.

With Samael teaching us Vigilance, we learn to protect ourselves from malignant influences that may hinder our well-being. This quality allows us to remain grounded, centered, and focused on the truth, seeking knowledge and wisdom from our inner guide. By staying alert and aware, we avoid making hasty decisions and embrace the power to make informed choices that align with our true Will.

The power of Vigilance grounds the powers of Mars into the element of Earth, leaving us stable yet always moving forward. With Samael's guidance, we cultivate this quality and overcome every obstacle that comes our way. We can embrace the abundance that awaits us through vigilance and thus move toward our goals with focus and strength.

Connecting with Samael for Guidance - A Step-by-Step Guide

You can call on Samael for guidance, even if you don't know how to work the operations of angel magic from the Pauline Arts. Here's a simple method that can help you connect with Samael and experience his blessings:

  1. Find a quiet, peaceful space where you feel safe and comfortable. It could be a room in your home, or anywhere you can be undisturbed.

  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize yourself becoming more relaxed with each breath you take. Imagine releasing any tension or stress.

  3. Visualize a bright light surrounding you, filling you with a sense of protection and guidance. Imagine this light as a powerful force that will help you connect with Samael and his teachings.

  4. Call upon Samael, the Angel of Mars, asking for guidance, protection, and assistance. You can say, "Samael, Angel of Mars, please guide and protect me now."

  5. Sit in silence for a while and be receptive to guidance. And then stay open to this guidance as you go about your day.

  6. Act or speak only when you feel guided to do so. Learn to listen to your inner guidance on the spot, taking things one step at a time. Remember that Samael is here to help you be safe, active, and successful, so trust in his guidance and expect magical results daily.

May Samael, the Angel of Mars, bless you with his guidance and help you achieve your true Will. Trust this guidance, and let the magic unfold!

The following talk discusses other concepts related to the archangel Samael

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