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The Avalon Journey

Something that tends to happen when things are uncertain, is that we start to rush around focussing our energy and attention "out there" trying to make things be a certain way.

Magic doesn't work that way.

In magic, we notice what's going on "out there" and go instead deep within ourselves to affect the change in the world we desire.

We still do the work out there in the world, but that is not where we place our faith. Our faith is placed on the inner world of cause.

We know how where our sphere of influence is and we expand that sphere by working diligently on what we DO have power over.

Here is a popular meditation that I created many years ago. You can part the mists from the mundane world and enter Avalon, the world of magic.

The spells that are cast in Avalon cause positive changes in the world that are powerful and enduring. Give some time to it and let me know how you get on!



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