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The Eights

Merry Meet! Let's charge forward through the pips into the eights!

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Eight On our Hermetic Tree of Life, we know the eighth sphere as Glory or Splendor. Sphere Eight is the sphere of mental activity. Whereas the sevens described romance, beauty and betterment; the eights break it all down and codify it all. Eight is the sphere of Mercury, the planet of intellect, education, language, and communication.

Eight is a balanced, even number. Even numbers denote constancy, and the eighth sphere's only constant is change. Eight is a continuous running current of mental force that is forever figuring, tallying, chatting, reworking, networking, discussing, etc.

The eighth sphere is where all the messenger and trickster gods dwell: Mercury, Hermes, Loki, etc.

Sphere Eight is at one time the educator, the researcher, the translator, the joke teller, the entertainer, the communicator and the bringer of the cold, hard truth. Of all the pips, the eights really depend on the surrounding cards to tell their part of the story.

The Eighth sphere is the sphere of yellows, lavenders, greys and pastel colors.


The Eight of Wands

Wands are our passions. Wands are our jobs, our work, our careers.

The Eight of Wands often portends a great deal of activity and change. This can be in the category of work, but not necessarily. Pay close attention to the other cards in the reading because they will tell more of the story of what this change and activity is all about.

Eights can show how everything in our lives depends on relationships, and this card can often point to a need for clear and direct communication. In a reading, this card describes a quick change in some area of life, look to the other cards to describe what that change might be.

The Eight of Cups

Cups are our emotions, our love life and our spiritual life. Eights are communication and mental activity; thus the Eight of cups is our own innate power of intuition. This card describes the ability to communicate with our own souls through the power of intuition. This also is a card of clairvoyance. automatic writing, psychic development, meditation, etc.

In a reading, this card often is advice to follow one's inner guidance, to keep one's own council.



The Eight of Swords

This is a card of using our own mental powers to attack ourselves

The Eight of Swords represents the tendency to build up negative thoughts, fears, and assumptions to build an inner prison of one's own making. This is the card of the closed mind.

This is a card that says that a person would rather be right about their point of view than be happy and willing to see it differently.

This is a card of paranoia, blame, shame, secrets and many neuroses, along with prejudices and a general unwillingness to compromise. In a reading, the Eight of Swords describes a person who needs to snap out of it and stop believing their own nonsense. If this person really wants to be happy, they need to think better thoughts. If they can't change their thoughts on their own, they need to find someone to help them..

The Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins speaks of financial flux and flow.

Eights describe energy that is always busy and never rests. It is mental energy.

Since the Coins represent finances and assets, the Eight of Coins often brings up the need for healthy flow in one's finances. This can mean either needing to let some money flow out or in, or to stop a flow that is a drain. The other cards in the spread will give more information.

In a reading, the Eight of Coins can also mean that one is already very busy, or about to become so.

Next up, the solitary nines! Thank you so much for reading my post. I'm so happy to have you be a part of Ariel's Corner! Join us on our daily tarot readings, magic streams, on our Forums, and on our Facebook Group. Blessed be!

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15 mar 2021

Hi Ariel! I love this series! When can we expect the 9‘s and 10’s blog post?

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Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
15 mar 2021
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