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The Power of Something

We often give up on ourselves before we even get started because we can't imagine how we are going to get through everything we have to get through.

A problem can look very scary when we try to solve the whole thing all at once. But when we break it down into smaller pieces, it's never really as difficult as it seemed.

The same goes for our desires. Some things that we want for ourselves seem so far out of our reach that they are only pipe dreams. Yet, when we break down those big wants into smaller chunks we realize that things aren't really impossible for us after all.

Whenever we succeed at breaking a problem down into the smallest piece available, we discover that we only actually have one problem, and that problem is a lack of love; therefore we only can have one solution to any seeming problem, and that's an increase in love. We break down our problems and desires into easily achievable goals that we then work magic on. This process is an act of self-love. Magic is self-care. When we care for ourselves and get our needs met, we are at our best. Our best is also what's best for the world. It's difficult to live life successfully all at once. It is much more fun and profitable to live a magical life. A magical life is one that is lived one heartbeat at a time. I gave a lecture on this topic a few years back, here it is--I hope you enjoy it!

Blessed be!

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This particular lecture had an amazing impact on my life.

For some reason the concept of breaking things down is something I knew conceptually but until I listened to this lecture and realised to do a little something towards a goal on a consistent basis is actually a magical super power i never could really relate to it.

Linked to the Witch's Will list from the Fire module of the Witch's primer created a VERY powerful approach to getting stuff done. These are two tools I have used together consistently over the last few years and have improved my life dramatically. And it has made me a better person, less stressed, more organized, achieving things I always wantd to ach…


Crystal Sego
Crystal Sego
Apr 04, 2020

Whenever I was frustrated or overwhelmed with something my mother always used to ask me “how do you eat a elephant 🐘? One bite at a time”. I have learned to apply this advice to my entire life. Some of the best advice my mother has given me.

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