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The Sixes

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Merry Meet! We are ready to head into the sixes as we continue our journey through the pips!

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Six The sixth sphere on the Tree of Life is known as Beauty--the sphere of the heart of the Tree. Whereas the fives showed us the unbalanced nature of conflict; the sixes want to "save" us from our own self-destruction. Six is the sphere of the Sun, the planet of life, healing, success, regeneration, and salvation.

Six is a balanced, even number. It promotes the growth of all life. Solar energy promotes our good in its most appropriate forms.

The sixth sphere is where all the so-called "savior gods" are indicated: Jesus, Osiris, Dionysus, the Grain God, the Green Man, etc. This is where the ancient story of the dying god who resurrects to save the people is told.

This story is the story of our own inner journey. The savior exists as our own higher self.

The sixth sphere is the sphere of the Solar Light: The light of the soul of the universal sun.


The Six of Wands

Solar energy is very at home in the suit of wands. The six of wands often speaks to the work that our soul came here to do. If our chosen work in the world is at odds with this soul work, then we tend to experience disappointment.

But if our work in the world is in harmony with the work of our soul, all seems to work out for us so well that it appears as though we are living a "charmed life." Sixes often will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, so if we are at odds with our work in the world, a six can indicate a type of divine intervention in our jobs or careers. In a reading, this often is a reminder to the querent that regardless of what their work in the world is, they can dedicate this work to their Soul and allow it to be transformed into work that is precious.

The Six of Cups

We often assume that the age of miracles is over. It's not. But because our generation has become so cynical, miracles have had to become very subtle in order that we don't shut them down.

In a reading, this card is often an indication of a complete change in perception on a soul level. Something that had been troublesome has been removed from the querent'ss life and all is well.



The Six of Swords

This is a card of rising above the battleground.

The six of swords is an indication of a complete relinquishing of our resentments and all the good that rushes forth from doing such. This card reminds us that instead of being tempted into a battle, we must train ourselves to be nonreactive.

Thus this is a card of the spiritual warrior. We give the battle to the Solar Light and allow ourselves to be lifted from the conflict completely. In a reading, this is an indication of complete removal from attack or conflict. It's a card of good news.

The Six of Coins

This is often the card of the financial miracle. Miracles don't come uninvited, so this often indicates that the querent has at some point claimed something to the effect of, "there has got to be a better way than this. Please help me!"

The universe has been listening.

In a reading, this card is often an indication of a complete reversal of financial fortune, but miracles are usually more subtle than one might expect. It is important that the querent not confuse subtle with powerful.

Next up, the sensual and lucky sevens! Thank you so much for reading my post. I'm so happy to have you be a part of Ariel's Corner! Join us on our daily tarot readings, magic streams, on our Forums, and on our Facebook Group. Blessed be!

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