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The Twos

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Merry Meet! Today we continue our journey into the non-illustrated pips of the ancient Tarot decks.

If you are exploring reading a pip deck, you might want to have a look at some of my favorite decks currently in print.

The Twos On the Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah, the number two is depicted by the sphere named Wisdom. Wisdom is the first manifestation of gender. Wisdom is the sphere of the Supernal Father. The all that is expressing itself as gender causes the number two to seek balance. Twos teach us the mysteries of the Divine Masculine. Wisdom from this side of the tree is fueled by its desire to find its complimentary force on the other side of the tree (Sphere number three, named "Understanding" which is the supernal Mother).

Considering the twos as existing within the sphere of wisdom can bring some very interesting ideas to light for us, especially when we begin to consider how the energy of this sphere might express itself within each of the four suits. Rather than always relying on each suit to represent one of the four elements, try calling to mind the actual practical purposes the implements of each suit were designed to serve. Wands blossom and lead, cups hold liquid, swords stab, and coins are earned and spent.

The Two of Wands

The two of wands represents the desire to create. It is a pure desire for manifestation.

This two represents things desired but not yet seen. It indicates faith (or the need thereof) that that which is not yet manifest is coming to pass.

The Two of Wands is the creative spark in search of its expression. It is pure desire.

In a reading, the two of wands often means work and planning that is not yet yielding results.

Often, the querent is doing the right thing and must be reassured that results are forthcoming and encouraged to keep steadfast faith.

The Two of Cups

Two containers implies that liquid is being set apart from itself, and divided into two. This experience of separation creates a profound desire to rejoin oneself again and can manifest in all kinds of "quests for the Holy Grail."

The two of cups represents the soul's longing for reuniting with its source. This longing is often depicted in the mortal world as a person desiring a mate. It is wise to remember that our desire for human contact mirrors our desire to unite with our souls. In a reading, the Two of Cups signifies the desire for spiritual union or the seeking of a spiritual path that reconnects the querent to their souls.

Obviously in matters of the heart, this is an indication of a love relationship or the desire for one, but it's wise to remember that love relationships are representations of the soul's desire for connection to Source.

The Two of Swords

Swords are weapons. Swords are conflict.

Twos are the desire to connect swords are the desire to attack and defend. This creates a desire for peace amidst conflict. This Two is in constant seeking of balance where balance is lacking. The Two of swords is often a sign that a person is learning how to focus and not get distracted by the noise about them. In a reading, the Two of Swords often depicts the practice of mental discipline. Often meditation and other methods of disciplining the mind are indicated by the Two of Swords. Overall, it speaks of keeping one's composure and poise in the midst of any unbalance.

Two of Coins (Pentacles)

Coins mean assets, often money. Twos mean desire. Does that mean that the two of Coins is simply the desire for money?

Remember that the masculine force of the Second Sphere seeks its mate. So rather than a simple desire for money, the two of coins represents the desire for what we most value.

Many people have no idea what they really value, but if they look to their lives and take note of what they spend the bulk of their time thinking about, talking about and doing they will see exactly what they value and it can be quite a shocking realization to many. In a reading, the two of coins often represents the querent's immediate needs being met, but that there is desire for much greater wealth. It calls to them to evaluate what they value, and amend their value system if necessary in order to change course to something much better than where they are currently headed if such a change is desirable as indicated in the reading. Thank you so much for reading my post. I'm so happy to have you be a part of Ariel's Corner! Join us on our daily streams, on our Forums, and on our Facebook Group. Blessed be!

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Much gratitude - very helpful to supplement my Tarot Tuesday notes. This method and structure has finally helped me begin to understand Tarot - and helps me with learning the Qabalah. Looking forward to whole series - bbx


David Harland
David Harland
Jul 14, 2020

Really enjoyed reading this. You are very clear about how you put across concepts. Thanks ❤️🌈


Unknown member
Jul 14, 2020

That Was Beautifully Deciphered Piece By Piece And I noticed A Little Typo Blessed Be🌻✨🧿

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