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What's After Life?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I recently had a request that I give one of my talks on the topic of the afterlife. Immediately, the question came to my mind, what could extist after life?

Is life linear by nature?

According to many ancient wisdom traditions, life is what exists in the present moment. Life is eternal, and eternality can only exist now. It is not the nature of eternity to exist in the future or in the past.

The question of whether life exists after the body is dead is one that has been explored by religions and philosophers for as long as human minds have had the ability to ponder.

Does life require a body?

The belief that life is dependent on the body is one that ought to be questioned. Ask yourself, does the body give me life, or is my body alive because I'm in it? Notice where that question leads you as you seriously ponder it. The source of your heartbeat is what I call the Life Principle. This Principle has no opposite. Notice that it's not your heart that is doing the beating. There is a power that is not of your body that is beating your heart. The body has no ability to cause life anymore than a pair of jeans have the ability to wear themselves.

Does life have an opposite?

What has been called the Great Lie is the idea that death is the opposite of life. This lie is no smaller of a lie than saying that darkness is the opposite of light. If this were true, then each time you turned on a light to enter a room you would have to wait for a battle to finish and see whether light or darkness prevailed. We know from daily practice that only darkness is vulnerable. Light has never been destroyed by darkness, and never can be. This is because Light is a divine principle. There is no principle of darkness.

Light and life are synonymous. Life can't be extinguished when the body dies any more than a burnt-out lightbulb could herald the end of the principle of Light. When a bulb burns out, it simply means that the vehicle for light has worn out and the bulb needs to be changed.

We live in a physical universe. This physical universe is temporary. That is the nature of three dimensions. Three dimensions have rules in both time and space. In time, a three-dimensional world requires a beginning, a middle and an end. This construct of time can only apply to three-dimensional structures in space.

What is subject to death?

Nothing is eternal in three dimensions. Eternality is impossible in a world that requires that structures in space must also have a middle and an end in time; all physical structures must end.

Take a moment and ponder, is the Life Principle three-dimensional by nature?

The Life Principle is eternal and infinite. The source of Life does not exist in time as we experience it in the world. The only possible proximity to infinity and eternality that we can know in this world is the present moment.

What is after life?

The present moment is anything but "after life" The afterlife, implies there was a before-life; but, we have just posited that life doesn't exist in time. In this sense, there is no such thing as an afterlife. Take a moment to relax. Calm your breathing. Close your eyes. Feel your heartbeat. Feel the force behind your heartbeat. This force is often called

your soul.

What gives life to a body?

This force is you. It is YOU who are causing your heart to beat. You are an extension of the very principle of life that we have been discussing. You are as a ray of light from the sun. You are an eternal being.

Practice experiencing eternity by noticing the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we are experiencing ourselves as both bornless, and deathless beings.

Following is a little talk I gave on our morning YouTube live-stream. It goes into a little more depth on this topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Blessed be.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 23, 2020

Love this post and live stream lecture on the topic! Your lectures always put me in the best mood. Thank you❤️

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