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Protect Your Dwelling With A Witch's Bottle

This ancient protection spell is very simple to do, yet extremely powerful. There are a great many variations to this spell available, but this one is my very favorite! The Witch's Bottle is used to build a powerful thought-form that protects your dwelling by sending harmful intentions such as curses, hexes and general bad-vibes packing! Make a witch's bottle whenever you move in to a new home or office, and at any time you feel like your dwelling could use more protection.


Ingredients needed:

One bottle of orange-flower water

Assortment of nails

Several opened metal paper clips


Perform this spell on a Sunday during the waning moon.

1. Remove the label from the bottle of orange blossom water (if possible)

2. Put the nails and paperclips into the bottle of orange blossom water.

3. Visualize a golden light throughout the bottle as you do so

4. Put the cap on the bottle (you can dip the cap in wax for extra fun)

5. Charge the bottle by seeing a globe of golden light penetrating the bottle

6. Bury it on the property, or simply hide it somewhere indoors where it won't be found.


Here is a video demonstration of making a Witch's Bottle!

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2 commenti

Sherri Roberts
Sherri Roberts
09 nov 2021

Ill be trying this one out right away

Mi piace
Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
15 nov 2021
Risposta a

Blessed be!!

Mi piace
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