The Witch's Pyramid

When we build our power from the ground up using the classic Witch's Pyramid as our model, then we build it to be strong, balanced, and effective.

The Witch's Pyramid is simple, powerful, and challenging. The Witch's Pyramid's power lies in how basic it is.

The Power of Jupiter and Four

A pyramid is a four-cornered structure. The number four is sacred to the sphere of Jupiter in the Hermetic Qabalah. Jupiter brings expansion.

Four represents structure and solidity. The way to invoke the power of Jupiter, therefore, is to build a four-sided structure. Invoking Jupiter's power then brings the momentum required to begin to expand on that which you are building.

The four-sided, expansive pyramid of power:

If you are familiar with my self-study course, A Witch's Primer, you will know this pyramid quite intimately. Although AWP is often considered a course in witchcraft for beginners, the training in AWP is so rigorous and thorough that it's common for practitioners to go through it multiples times. The core of the training in AWP centers on the five weeks of lessons on building the power base. Many witches like to return to these five lessons again and again in order to continue to strengthen their pyramid powers.

With a strong and balanced pyramid of witch power, you can start to expand your sphere of influence very quickly, until you are achieving things you would never have dreamed possible before.

Here is a recording of an online talk I gave a few years ago on the Witch's Pyramid.

I hope you enjoy it!

Blessed be 🧙‍♂️❤️🧙‍♀️

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