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Witchy Tips
Learn Magic With Ariel Gatoga

Handy Witchcraft Tips for All Witches

Whether you're a new witch or an experienced one, there's always something new to learn.


Check out these videos for some of my favorite witchy techniques I've picked up over the years.


  • Use essential oils to enhance your spells and rituals.

  • Create a sacred space in your home for meditation and spellwork.

  • Incorporate crystals and gemstones into your practice for added energy and healing properties.

  • Keep a journal to track your progress and record your experiences.

  • Work with the phases of the moon to amplify your spells and intentions.

  • Use herbs and plants in your practice for their magical and medicinal properties.

  • Practice divination techniques such as tarot or runes to gain insight and guidance.

  • Use visualization and manifestation techniques to bring your desires into reality.

  • Connect with the elements of nature and work with them in your practice.

  • Create your own spells and rituals based on your personal beliefs and intentions.

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