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Your Birth Angel

Angels are the thoughts of God.

You are also a thought in the mind of God.

You and I forgot that we were thoughts in the mind of God and thus we became troubled. 


God sent his messengers to teach us and help us remember who we are.

The Angels don't belong to any single religion.


The Angels are not bound by any of our human laws or systems.


We, humans, DO need systems, very much; and thus were born the ancient systems of angelic magic.

The Teaching Angels have revealed several systems of magic over the ages that have been used by mages throughout history, and beyond.

How to Find Your Birth Angel

Your moon sign determines the primary angel who was in attendance at your birth.

Simply find out what sign the moon was in when you were born, and then find the angel that rules that sign in the chart below.

If you don't know your birth signs, simply search for "Free Natal Chart" in a search engine. You will have to fill in your birthdate, your birth time, and your birthplace.

Birth Angel List
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