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Learn The Ancient Practice of 
Psalm Magic

Some magical traditions hold that the Book of Psalms predates the Bible.


For them, the Book of Psalms is not a collection of religious prayers; it is a spell book.

A vast number of folk magic traditions incorporate the use of the Psalms in their spells and rituals. The Psalms are recited for protection, prosperity, healing, relationships, grieving, and a host of other uses.

In addition to general folk magic, there are high-magic societies and traditional witchcraft traditions that have extensive teaching on the power of the Psalms

The Psalm Magic Tradition that I follow teaches that Psalm spells can work either with or without any other ritual.

In Psalm Magic, The Psalms are seen as potent tools of change and transformation when worked magically rather than religiously. I explain this tradition in my free booklet called, "How To Work Psalm Magic."


Take your first steps in Psalm magic by downloading your free booklet!

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