The Witch's Rosary

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Many Craft traditions use prayer beads.  These are commonly known as "Witch's Ladders."

A Witch's Ladder is used in spells when we want to focus our intent on a specific goal. Incantations, prayers, chants and/or affirmations are repeated over and over again, and the beads or knots on the Witch's Ladder are there to keep track of how many repetitions are made.

There is a type of Witch's Ladder that we use at Ariel's Corner called a Witch's Rosary.  It is similar in many ways to a Catholic Rosary. In fact I researched the beginnings of the Catholic Rosary and discovered its pre-Christians roots.

We have reclaimed the Witch's Rosary and have found it to be an incredibly powerful tool for magic and self-transformation.

In order to work the Witch's Rosary, it is important to have the correct bead configuration.  We use a circle of beads with 5 "decades" of beads.  A Decade consists of one Large bead followed by ten small beads. A Witch's Rosary has five of these decades.

Most Witch's Rosaries have some sort of charm or tassel on the end of the Rosary. This can be a symbol of the Goddess, a Celtic Knot, A Pentagram, or anything else you desire.

Each of the Large beads represents the God, or masculine principle.  Each of the small beads represents the Goddess, or feminine principle.

There are several artists who are crafting Rosaries to our specifications. You will find links to those resources 
below, so that you can purchase your own Witch's Rosary.

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Working the Witch's Rosary

To work the Rosary, we recommend that you have some objective for which you are working your magic. Think of it as a way of casting a spell. Although you can definitely use the Rosary as a form of prayer or worship, in our experience all spiritual work should be anchored in the practical. You can work your Rosary to achieve a specific goal or resolve a specific problem.

In our practice, we use a modified Lord's Prayer for the God beads and a modified Hail Mary for the Goddess beads.  We do this because of the generic nature of these prayers and because they have a basis in the magical tradition.

If these prayers are not comfortable for you, please feel free to find or write the ones you prefer.  For instance, rather than working with the principles of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you might prefer to work by writing prayers for specific deities (Cernunnos and Habondia for instance).

Please see the video below for a lecture on the Witch's Rosary.

In this blog post, I give complete instructions on performing the Witch's Rosary using my method. 

Also, visit our Forum for support and 
assistance on the Witch's Rosary, and to download the chants and prayers we use!


Blessed be.

Seminar on the Witch's Rosary:

Following is a short seminar on the Witch's Rosary given a few years back. 

I hope you enjoy it!!