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Learn To Work
The Witch's Rosary

With Ariel Gatoga

Many Craft traditions use prayer beads.  These are commonly known as "Witch's Ladders."

A Witch's Ladder is used in spells when we want to focus our intent on a specific goal. Incantations, prayers, chants and/or affirmations are repeated over and over again, and the beads or knots on the Witch's Ladder are there to keep track of how many repetitions are made.

There is a type of Witch's Ladder that we use at Ariel's Corner called a Witch's Rosary.  It is similar in many ways to a Catholic Rosary. In fact I researched the beginnings of the Catholic Rosary and discovered its pre-Christians roots.

We have reclaimed the Witch's Rosary and have found it to be an incredibly powerful tool for magic and self-transformation.


In order to work the Witch's Rosary in our tradition, it is important to have the correct bead configuration.  

A Witch's Rosary has five "decades" of beads.  A Decade consists simply of one Large bead followed by ten small beads. A Witch's rosary can be either a string of beads, or a circle of beads.

Most Witch's Rosaries have some sort of charm or tassel on the end of the Rosary. This can be a symbol of the Goddess, a Celtic Knot, A Pentagram, or anything else you desire.

Each of the Large beads represents the God, or masculine principle.  Each of the small beads represents the Goddess, or feminine principle.

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