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Free Booklets by Ariel

Here is a collection of free books I have written on different magical topics.

I'm always writing more booklets so please check back often. None of these booklets cost anything, but I require that you register for each free download!


Please be aware that we never sell or share your information with anyone. We send newsletters and other emails of interest, but never to sell anything. If you don't want to receive emails, you can simply unsubscribe at the bottom of any email you receive.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

A Tarot Spell For Speedy Results

Use the Ancient Marseille Tarot to Manifest your desire.

This booklet gives you instructions on how to cast a spell that is designed to give you results right away.

The engagement with and cooperation of the deep mind is what makes all magic work.

The more we can get our deep minds to agree with our desires, the faster our desires can manifest.

Follow the directions closely and do what is asked of you to do. 

This dynamic and formidable spell-casting method might be just what you have been waiting for.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Make Star Talismans

In this intermediate guide to Talisman Magic, you will learn the secrets of making talismans using certain geometric shapes sacred to different planetary and angelic forces.
The Planetary Stars are extremely potent symbols that, when constructed and charged properly, can affect great change in your life for the better.
These ancient forces are very real and can be accessed in this very powerful and positive practice.
Learn to construct talismans to get the help you need in any area of life.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work Talisman Magic

In this introduction to Talisman Magic, you will learn the secrets of making very simple talismans to access the great powers of magic that lie dormant within the depths of your mind.

You will learn the art of planting seed thoughts in your deep mind which, just like their physical counterparts, will grow large and bear the fruit of the realization of your dreams, desires, and passions.

Solving problems is much easier when you have access to this awesome power of magic.

You can get started with no equipment save for a piece of paper and a pencil, plus maybe a jar lid or glass to draw a circle with.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work With The Shekinah

Learn about the mystical power of the Divine Feminine.

In this booklet you will learn all about this force, and will be instructed to construct a powerful talisman to link you with the Divine Light of the Shekinah.

It is through the power of the Shekinah that all angel magic is worked.

You can align yourself with this great power starting today and continue to build a stronger connection over time.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Angelic Squares

Learn the secret of invoking the aid of the Angels through the power of their sacred numbers.
These ancient figures hold great power for the practitioner who understands how to use them. The Angelic Squares are simple to make and implement. All it takes is a bit of time, patience, and practice.

The Angels are very willing to help us, but we must do our part. 

Learning to invoke and petition the Angels can change your life in countless ways.

To make these squares you only need colored paper, colored pens or pencils and a ruler.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Oracle of Asherah

Asherah is the name of the Great Goddess, as she was known to the ancient Canaanites.
The early Israelites worshiped her as Yahweh's wife, the "Queen of Heaven."

In this booklet, you will learn to make a simple, yet powerful Oracle that can answer any question, and help you with any problem.

In addition to answering questions and solving problems, you can use the script from this Oracle to cast powerful spells for yourself.

Let the Goddess help you solve your problems and bring about the fondest desires of your heart.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Witch's Rosary

Learn to work powerful high magic with the Witch's Rosary.
Learn about the Rosary and how to use it magically!

Many modern practitioners of the Witch's Rosary tell us of remarkable results they achieve through this ancient and powerful practice.

The Rosary needs no other tools or ritual; just one simple string of beads is all that is required. 
Learn how you can harness the ancient power of the Witch's Rosary!

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How To Write The Divine Names

If you want to create talismans based on the Qabalah, which includes those mentioned in my booklet "How to Make Star Talismans," then you might find this booklet, "How To Write The Divine Names," very useful.

It contains the Divine Names of each sphere on the Hermetic Qabalah in Hebrew and breaks down these names so you can name each letter mindfully when writing it on your talisman. This will charge your talisman with magical power.

As a bonus, I have also included the Divine Names in a couple of other magical scripts.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work Psalm Magic

Learn the secrets of casting powerful, positive spells with nothing but a Psalm!
Find out how you can get the same results that generations of magical practitioners have gotten for centuries working Psalm spells.

Scores of modern practitioners of Psalm Magic report wonderful successes in both the achievement of their goals and the solving of their problems. 

The Psalms can work for YOU too!

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work The Solomon Pentacles

Welcome to the captivating and mystical realm of the ancient Key of Solomon's 44 Holy Pentacles. Discover the hidden power within these sacred symbols and learn how to harness their profound magic.

This comprehensive and free booklet provides essential knowledge and guidance, immersing you in the ancient practice of Angel Magic. Step into this enchanting world and let your imagination soar as you explore its wonders.

Uncover the universe's secrets and open yourself to limitless wisdom and spiritual growth. Start your transformative exploration today and release the unlimited potential within you!

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Angelic Silence

In this introduction to the ancient Pauline Arts, you will learn a potentially life changing meditation program.

You will learn who your birth angels are, and how you can work with them on a regular basis to transform your life in every imaginable way.

Any path of meditation is beneficial, but this one is special.

It attunes you to your own birth angels, and thus empowers you to learn your lessons more quickly and less painfully than learning through trial and error alone.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Magic of Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is a Magical study unto itself.

Within the pages of this Psalm exists immense power to help you in any area of your life.

Learn the mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet and unlock the magic of those letters in an easy and stress-free manner.

Learn to can cast simple spells using nothing but a copy of Psalm 119, a piece of paper, and a pen.

And so much more...

Psalm Magic Book Cover

How to Work the Ritual of the Hours

Learn the secret of petitioning the angels for your needs.
This ancient and powerful ritual, often known as an Angelic Novena, works through the power of persistence to get problems solved and goals achieved through celestial means.

The Angels are very willing to help us, but we must do our part. 

Learning to use this powerful ritual can change your life in countless ways.

No tools are required for the Ritual of the Hours. All you need is right in this booklet.

Psalm Magic Book Cover

The Ancient Story of Lucifer

The Ancient Story of Lucifer as presented in this booklet is not meant to be taken literally as something that happened in history.

Instead, the story represents the interaction of various occult principles at work in the universe.

Even though the story is told as something that happened in the past, it unfolds within the present moment. We are constantly experiencing one part or another of the Ancient Story of Lucifer in our lives.

There are many depictions of Lucifer in popular and religious literature, few of which bear any resemblance to Lucifer’s story as I learned it and as I have scribed it for you in the pages of this booklet. 

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