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Basic Psalm Magic

The Psalm Magic Formula

Essential Psalms

Every Psalmic magician would do well to be familiar with the psalms in the following three categories known as:

1. The Contractual Psalms - 23, 24, 27, 46, 91

2. The Purification Psalms - 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143

3. Psalms of Gratitude - 66, 150

There is no piece of magic that cannot be worked successfully using only the Psalms in these three collections.

By all means, we encourage the regular working all 150 Psalms; but start with these Psalms. They are the cornerstones of our practice on the Psalmic Way.

Here are some more important Psalm Collections here.

The following simple formula is all you need to work Psalm Magic:

1. Read the Psalm through once without stopping, out loud if possible.

2. Go back through the psalm, line by line, and plant the seeds of magic you find there.

Step 2 is accomplished by considering the inner meanings of the Psalm you are working with and meditatively applying them to your purpose at hand.

Depending on where your goal sits relative to your current Sphere of Influence you may need to repeat the psalmic operation one or more times per day for multiple days. 
Unlike most magical systems, the Psalms blend seamlessly with pretty much ANY other magical system. Yet they also are a complete system of magic unto themselves.
It is completely up to you how much, if any, extra rituals you choose to incorporate into your Psalmic Magic.
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