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Free Witchcraft Courses
Learn the Ancient Craft with Ariel Gatoga

At Ariel's Corner, we offer free witchcraft courses because we believe the ancient admonishment that the Craft should never be sold must be upheld. Our courses are designed to help you harness the power of magic without any monetary burden.

However, it's important to note that there is always a cost for magic, and the cost to you is the hard work and dedication needed to become a successful witch, just as every witch before you has done.

There are no shortcuts in magic. To unlock the full potential of your Craft, you must fully commit yourself to the journey of learning and growing. The more effort you put into your practice, the more magical power and wisdom you acquire. So, dive in with your whole heart and let our free courses be the first step on your magical journey!

Magic cannot be purchased with money; it can only be built over time using ancient methods that always work when used diligently. Our free witchcraft courses are the product of many generations of Craft wisdom.


We offer a trilogy of free witchcraft courses called "Non-Denominational Witchcraft." We don't teach a religion nor offer initiation into any tradition. Instead, we provide self-study training in the Old Craft to build your power and use it to create your desired life.

In addition to our foundational courses, we offer a few other courses, plus an assortment of "mini-courses" in the form of free booklets.

We have support available in our Facebook Group and also on our Discord Server.

I hope you enjoy our free witchcraft courses and find power, magic, joy, and happiness on your way.

Our Free Witchcraft Courses

It's important to go through these three courses on witchcraft in the specific order given here, and we suggest taking your time with them. It's best to tackle one lesson per week and complete all the homework assigned for each class. Trust us; it's worth putting in the effort!

Other Free Courses in Magic

In addition to our foundational courses, we offer a few other courses listed below, Please be sure to look at all our free booklets as well!

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