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Vintage Lectures

Here is the full library of older recorded talks on witchcraft, magic, and spirituality recorded from the mid-1990s through 2017. 

We certainly hope you enjoy them! 

A Charmed Life
A Love Affair With Life
All Magic Has Its Price
Amazing Power of Choice, The
Arianrhod and the Power of Denial
Ariel Live
Becoming Angels
Benefits of Hexing, The
Correcting Terrorism With Magic
Cynics, Fluff Bunnies and Gratitude
Daily Magical Practice
Duality of the Mind, The
Dynamic Healing
Ethical Communication
F Word, The
Faith: Knowledge vs. Belief
Field Of Power,The
Finding Wisdom
Global Alchemy
Heart Centered Magic
Hermetic Review
Higher Self, The
How Can I Help?
Inner Enemy, The
Introduction to Hermetics
Introduction to Practical Magic
Know Thyself
Law of Compensation, The
Let Magic Happen
Life is But A Dream
Light and Darkness
Living Prosperously
Magic and Self Perception
Magic and the Focussed Mind
Magic of Mistakes,The
Magic of Visioning,The
Magic of the Waning Moon
Magic of the Written Word
Magic: Alchemy vs. Sorcery
Magical Activism
Magical Thinking is Not Magical
Magnetic Magic
Mental Teacher,The
Micro Magic
Mining for Gold
Money Magic
Natural Mind,The
Occult Law of Adjustment,The
Power of Awareness,The
Power of Effectiveness,The
Power of Praise,The
Power of Something, The
Power of the Spoken Word,The
Practical Magic and the Deep Mind
Prayer and Meditation
Principle of Correspondence,The
Principle of Gender, The
Principle of Mentalism, The
Principle of Polarity, The
Principle of Vibration, The
Prosperity Workshop
Psychic Protection
Q & A Lecture 1
Q & A Lecture 2
Q & A Lecture 3
Q & A Lecture 4
Real Prosperity
Reclaiming Our Power
Sacred Pain
Secrets to Effective Magic
Soul's Evolution, The
Spirit, Love and Power
The Craft Needs No Defense
Transformation Spells
Transformative Magic
Two Worlds,The
Unburdening Ourselves
Vibrational Frequencies
Welcome to Your Dark Side
What’s Your Sphere of Influence?
Why Astrology?
Why Not Magic?
Witch's Workshop, The
Witch’s Pyramid, The

Ariel's Corner


  • Get support from other students and practitioners.

  • Get your questions answered.

  • Take part in assignments and challenges to improve your magic and increase your power.

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