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Light A Candle
Prayer Request

Welcome! We invite you to light a virtual candle with us if you seek spiritual assistance.


Please take a moment to share your prayer request below, and we will honor it with reverence and hold it sacred on our altar. Thank you for entrusting us with your spiritual needs.

We understand that you may be going through a difficult time, and we want you to know we are here for you. Your prayer request is important to us, and we will keep it on our board as long as it does not threaten anyone's physical safety or well-being.


Please know that if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or hopelessness, you are not alone. There is always hope and help available. We encourage you to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988 or visiting Trained professionals are available 24/7 to provide support and guidance.


My friend Helen lost her husband James


Please join me in petitioning my primary Angel, Raphael for manifesting my next job in an ideal way, in alignment with the divine design ⭐️ I have suffered financial fruitlessness for the past twenty years. I release all of the regrets or things that I may have done, as well as everything out of my control that contributed to such a destitute reality in the physical universe. I claim and welcome my next $70,000/per annum salaried remote position, or better. Thank you. BB 🌕

Please pray for the financial troubles that I have fallen into. I am unable to settle my mind due to worry and despair. I am struggling with paying rent, debts, and my family necessities. I am grateful for all I have and have been provided but feel trapped in constant lack.


Pray that I am able to find who my biological father is. Pray that the people closest to him do DNA tests so I can know for sure who my family is. So mote it be.

Please help my brother to find peace of mind and physically and mentally stable again as he deserves to be and to find true happiness and peace like he wants and needs! Thanks so much


Please pray for my lil brother (ricky) to find his way once again and find a new woman to start a family of his own with soon and be happy once again like he deserves! Thanks much and bless you!!


Please pray for me to find new home for myself and my loved ones if posdible real soon where we happy living at.


please pray for the fighting in the Holy Land. thank you tc


Earn and save enough money to buy my own cottage.


By the power of the universe and the guidance of light,

I call upon wisdom to keep me on a path that’s right.

Grant me clarity in my decision-making process,

And may I always choose with love and progress.

Bless me with a helpmate who is true and kind,

A partner who brings joy and peace of mind.

May our connection be strong and full of love,

And may we build a life together, guided from above.

Grant us happiness and harmony in all we do,

And may our love grow stronger and true.

With faith and trust, I welcome this new chapter,

To find a good helpmate and build a life of rapture.

So mote it be, it is done.

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