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Magical Psalm Symbols

The practice of the Psalmic Path is a magical endeavor that involves dismantling detrimental thought patterns and nurturing positive transformation through new ones. 

To release their powers, we begin by reciting the Psalm aloud without interruption, which is crucial. Next, we take some moments of silent reflection to contemplate the symbolism embedded within the Psalms. By unraveling the meanings behind these symbols, we can effectively apply their principles to our magical pursuits and specific situations.

Think of the Psalms as you would the tarot, allowing the symbols within them to resonate and provide insights into your unique circumstances as you bring your concerns to them. The Psalms conceal numerous occult symbols, and this list only scratches the surface. By engaging with them firsthand, you will discover a wealth of new symbols and their hidden wisdom.


This is a growing list. If there are specific symbols I've not yet included that you would like to see added, please send your suggestions here:

“Father of the King” represents one’s will in the service of the Superconscious . The Fire Body. See Sword.
An abomination represents any negative or fearful thought.
All powerful. There is no circumstance in life that can outmatch the power of your Superconscious Mind.
In the profound symbolism of the Bible, our ancestors represent our past selves, the younger versions of who we are today. This intricate connection reminds us of the evolution we undergo as we grow older and wiser.
Angels are timeless symbols of deep inspiration, unwavering guidance, and invaluable assistance. They embody the Divine Law's thought forms.
To make Sacred
Akashic Records, or the part of the deep mind which stores all the memories.
Philosophies, practices and higher learning for its own sake, not bringing the Superconsciousness in. Conceit in ones own knowledge. Assyria is a symbol of willpower.
Babylon represents negative attitudes and beliefs that hinder finding peace with God and breaking free. It involves accepting low spirits, depression, and fear instead of addressing them. Seeking God's help is essential for liberation from Babylon. This includes harboring criticism, resentment, jealousy, and condemnation in your heart. Ultimately, Babylon implies mental limitations like fear, self-reproach, and relying solely on willpower. It can be seen as a city of confusion, where thought forms cause mental turmoil.
The transfer of spiritual power which causes healing, help or relief.
In the Psalms, blood often symbolizes Nephesh - the Hebrew term for self-conscious life. This multifaceted concept encompasses inspiration, as well as the symbolic representation of fire with its association to spirit. In the Psalms, blood is seen as the vessel for Nephesh, making it a recurrent symbol.
The term "body" refers to the complete embodiment of an individual, encompassing not only their physical form but also their surrounding material environment. According to the Great Law of human nature, one's surroundings are a reflection of their conscious and subconscious mind at the given moment.
Bow and Arrow
The bow and arrow symbolize the power of words. When you speak a word, it is like shooting an arrow. It goes where you aim and cannot be taken back, nor can it be without an impact. It's worth noting that speaking audibly is not essential; silent prayer is often more effective, especially if worry or fear is a distraction.
Bread commonly represents Divine Substance, or Shekinah, which satisfies our needs.
Inspiration. Life Force. Life Principle
Some materials are categorized as noble, while others are deemed base. In the stone category, marble is considered noble, and brick is considered base. Brick is a man-made product composed of clay, while marble is a natural material.
One of the oldest and most significant symbols for the human soul is a building, often a Temple, that people work on constructing.
The bull symbolizes strength and power, also of the zodiac sign Taurus.
Physical strength, spiritual abundance, wealth. The Zodiacal sign Taurus
In the Psalms, children symbolize our actions and accomplishments. They can also represent our own thoughts.
In the Psalms, a city is frequently used as a symbol for consciousness.
See Face
See Cattle
The consciousness of Perfect Love. The Goddess. The Feminine principle. The eternal bounty of the Divine.
Darkness often represents mistakes, or ignorance.
The perfect love of your Superconscious mind.
Unfoldment, Understanding, Superconscious Mind
The truth about something is referred to as Day, while the error and fear associated with it are called Night.
The "door" or "gate" is a significant symbol in the Psalms, representing a shift in consciousness. Moving from one room to another symbolizes a transition in mindset. Moreover, "gate" or "door" implies comprehension, as well as authority or influence. Understanding leads to mastery, and comprehension arises from a change in consciousness. (See also “Gate”).
In the Psalms, dragons can symbolize subconscious complexes, representing suppressed thoughts or antagonistic thought forms.
Ear means to listen and/or hear.
The Psalms mention the concept of "earth" in relation to various aspects of our lives, including our physical well-being and personal affairs. It signifies our entire outer experience, and "inheriting the earth" suggests having control over that experience. It also encompasses the manifestation of our magic and our physical and Earth Bodies.
To appropriate and become conscious of.
Egypt is often linked with materialism, errors, sickness, death, and various limitations. It symbolizes our belief in matter, time, space, fears, and the things that hinder our happiness and breed bitterness. It also represents bondage, empowering material possessions, physical limitations, poverty, pain, and ill health.
In the Psalms, enemies symbolize our fears, doubts, troubles, and problems. They represent our negative thoughts, disconnected from our true selves. Overcoming them through righteous judgment - by refusing to believe in them - is key, rather than wrestling, which only strengthens them. These destructive thought forms we've created cause problems and unwanted conditions in our lives.
The physical body
Evening is associated with limitations, fears, troubles, or the absence of necessary goods.
In the Psalms, "evil" refers to the negative  human thoughts. Such negativity can only lead to trouble. It is important to acknowledge and address this to avoid unfavorable consequences. Undesired states. That which is at odds with Truth. Temporary negative thoughts, and circumstances.
Brow chakra, Spiritual vision, That on which the mind is focussed.
The face symbolizes recognition - it's how we usually identify people. Additionally, the face and forehead can represent intellect. For more, refer to "Countenance."
Lack of faith in the power of one’s Superconscious mind. Focussing on the problem rather than working the magic for a solution.
Masculine Principle. The God. In the Psalms, father sometimes means the knowledge or wisdom.
The successful outcome of magic
In the Psalms, the fear of God refers to a deep reverence for God, rather than fear in the conventional sense. It is the awe we feel in the presence of God. The fear of God does not involve pain or torment. Reverence, respect. In some context it is the lower mind’s survival instinct when it is being adjusted into its proper place, as in the giving up of superstitions and old ideas. (Fear God — give reverence to the Superconscious Mind).
The book of Psalms frequently associates the concept of "feet" with understanding. In the Old Testament, people were instructed that they could claim any land they occupied or "put their foot" upon. In the Bible, land symbolizes manifestation, while the foot represents understanding and concentration in psychology. To acquire the necessary understanding, prayer and meditation on the holy mountain are essential.
The mind wherein all thoughts (seeds) are sown.
To strengthen your desires, the firmament symbolizes understanding. Having even a slight awareness that errors are illusions with no power is the key to paradise. "Under the Firmament" represents anything true, real, and governed by the law of harmony. Have faith in the power of your magic and the supremacy of your Superconscious mind over any problems.
The tendency of ideas to multiply. That which we think about expands.
Mortality, physical body, carnal mind
Spiritual Nourishment.
Give up resentment, forgive a debt or transgression.
Gates hold strategic value in controlling cities. In personal lives, they symbolize the strongholds of consciousness. In biblical contexts, doors and gates represent shifts in consciousness and transitions between states of mind. They signify understanding, dominion, and power. A change in consciousness brings understanding and dominion. Gates and doors always mark a change in consciousness, whether entering or leaving a city or a house. Your current situation is linked to your current state of consciousness.
A generation represents a period of time in ones life.
Stringed instrument. Represents finding the value from any trial and learning to find future values thought joy rather than suffering.
The realization that all aspects of your mind are in reality One.
Your Superconscious Mind
Gold symboizes Divine Power - the eternal presence of such power. It signifies that God has limitless power and can achieve anything, at any time. Gold can also represent wealth in certain situations. All your gifts which are your birthright and to which you are entitled
Goodwill. Forgiveness. Favor.
Green Pastures
Green pastures represent an abundance of all the good things one needs and a state of perfect harmony in life.
Ham/Land of Ham
Ham translates to "Oblique, inferior, blackened" and is often seen as a symbol of that which is sense-oriented rather than spiritually oriented.
The hand symbolizes the power of manifesting and expressing divine ideas in the physical world. It represents the ability to get things done, make demonstrations, and receive answers to prayers. Hands often signify our work and what we do in the world.
In many respects it represents the turning away the attention of unwanted thoughts (i.e. they who hate sin, etc). May also represent actual quality hatred.
The human head represents the understanding of truth, separate from blind faith or emotional searching. It is the bodily expression of man's power of knowing Divine Truth. "...Have your head lifted above your enemies.” Third Eye. Crown chakra. The place from where divine ideas come.
On a deeper level, hearing represents spiritual comprehension.
In Psalms, "heart" typically refers to the aspect of human consciousness that modern psychology identifies as the "conscious mind." We call it the Deep Mind. The deep mind. The Soul. The emotional body, or Water Body.
Negative self-destructive thoughts are like adversaries that create obstacles in our lives. They are like ignorant heathens who fail to recognize the strength of our soul. These thoughts are unfamiliar to our true essence, yet they represent the only foes we may encounter. Counter them with righteous discernment, by refusing to give in to their influence. Remember, these thoughts possess no power unless bestowed upon them. Ignorant thought forms, superstitions, thoughts learned in childhood that have not been challenged.
Heaven symbolizes ultimate peace of mind and a deep understanding of life—the realm of everlasting perfection and our true home. The state of mind wherein the Superconscious perpetually dwells.
The heel represents a weak spot, which is a vulnerable area in one's thinking. It can also mean the stamping out of something.
A state of mind filled with fear, anxiety, hatred, or physical pain. The state of mind that is at odds with the Superconscious mind.
Occult, secret, sacred
High Tower
A tall tower is a secure location that represents elevated consciousness beyond the reach of those consumed by fear.
Hill often means prayer or spiritual activity. "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence com my help." The soul that is built upon prayer cannot be hidden. A hill or mountain represents uplifted consciousness. The great mystics, seers, and teachers are frequently spoken of as going up into the mountain to pray - the inference being that they got away from limiting thoughts and outer things to realize the presence of God. See also, “Mountain.”
Holiness of the Lord
The holiness of the Lord implies that everything in existence is simply the self-expression of God.
Sacredness, Whole, Complete, All
Holy City
See Holy Hill
Holy Hill
The dwelling place of the Superconscious Mind. Where the highest thoughts abide.
To expect good
In occult symbolism, the horn is consistently associated with power. When we mention ten horns, it signifies significant power. For example, the phrase "Horn of your salvation" uses the horn as a symbol of abundance.
The hosts of heaven represent the sun, moon and planets and the 12 zodiacal signs. The angels.
See Tabernacle
All the blessings of life  which are your birthright..
Israel as mentioned in the Psalms, symbolizes both an individual and a nation. Symbolically, it represents important aspects of life like health, job, family, finances, and personal issues. The term "Israel" combines "Is" (feminine, representing Isis), "Ra" (masculine, representing Ra), and "El" (meaning "of God"). This concept reflects the essence of your soul, embodying masculinity, femininity, and a connection to the divine. It is a state of being in harmony with the Superconscious mind.
In Psalm Magic, an Israelite refers to anyone who is following the path of Initiation.
Jachin & Boaz
Jachin symbolizes "the one" and represents the unity of the cosmos through geometry. On the other hand, Boaz embodies the voice and signifies the creative power of the Word, known as the Logos.
Jacob symbolizes the unredeemed soul, one that faces challenges and conscious imperfections. It's important to remember that Jacob is also renamed by God as "Israel." This signifies that regardless of our mistakes or flaws, God renames us Israel and redeems us. We should never forget that there is nothing we could ever do to make ourselves unloved by the infinite. The mental faculty.
Jericho is referred to as "moon town," with the moon symbolizing the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind must be "subdued" and redeemed through spiritualization.
Jerusalem symbolically represents awakened consciousness. It is the pinnacle of human nature, just before the actual realization of God. Jerusalem is a state of mind where we pray and wait for God, experiencing peace but without full realization. To tarry in Jerusalem is to remain vigilant until we feel the presence of God. When we have a sense of peace and certainty that our problem is solved, it means we are dwelling in Jerusalem.
The part of our consciousness that is constantly progressing and evolving into more and more perfection.
“Praise God '' Represents the spiritual faculty that can bring about a raising in consciousness at will.
In the Bible, judgment is the process of discerning truth from falsehood. We seek God's judgment because He sees only the truth, while we may struggle to distinguish between reality and illusion. Judgment is the unbiased result of Universal Laws, like gravity causing objects to fall to the earth, for example.
Divine law realized
The executive quality within your Higher mind.
Certainty which comes from direct inspiration or revelation with your Superconscious.
Coldness, unwillingness to be taught by the Higher Mind.
Though forms which deny the ever availability of magic for meeting every need.
In the Old Testament, it was believed that people could take possession of any land they occupied or set foot upon. In the Psalms, land represents manifestation, while the foot symbolizes understanding and concentration in psychology. The required understanding is gained through prayer and meditation – the holy mountain.
orderly principle(s) of magic
In the Psalms, life means happiness, freedom, usefulness, and joy, devoid of fear or doubt. A long physical life filled with struggle, suffering, and disappointment does not define a long life in the Psalms. Instead, life in the Psalms represents something of utmost value. The Infinite Life Principle.
Lifted Up
Realization. The success of any magical working. Return to harmony of Higher Self.
Light is often seen as a symbol representing truth, knowledge, and understanding.
In book of Psalms, lions often symbolize strength and power, while bull symbols typically represent intimidating and harmful situations. Additionally, lions can serve as symbols of courage, fearlessness, the zodiac sign Leo, and overcoming fear.
See Word
In Psalm Magic, the term "Lord" refers to the all-encompassing power that serves as the source of everything, including Infinite Life, Infinite Soul, Infinite Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Truth, Infinite Love, Infinite Law, and Infinite Presence. There is only one Source, Substance, and Force. In the context of the Psalms, "The Lord" represents this concept. We are not separate from this source; each soul can be likened to a unique and individual ray of light emanating from a single star. This is Divine Law.
Lord of Hosts
Lord of Hosts is a title for God that emphasizes His immense power and might. It represents the all-powerful nature of God.
Divine, impersonal power of the Superconscious mind that brings healing in any circumstance. To give one’s allegiance to (i.e. love the Lord — give allegiance to the Laws which govern reality).
An idea in Divine Mind
Divine Inspiration
Being meek doesn't imply weakness, but rather signifies peace and discipline. The meek are those who are spiritually adept and choose love over vengeance when faced with negativity.
The nature of your Superconscious to see past your problems and offer only the perfect solution.
The symbolizes the soul and the subconscious mind, and our feeling nature. Personal Intelligence. Sometimes the Goddess, depending on context.
The morning is usually symbolic of fulfillment.
The term "mother" symbolizes our emotions and our ability to generate new ideas. It represents the feminine principle and the concept of the goddess.
Mountain (see “hill”)
Mount can be seen as exalted states or as seemingly insurmountable problems depending on the context.Mount can be seen as exalted states or as seemingly insurmountable problems depending on the context.
The many thoughts in one’s mind.
In the Book of Psalms, the term "name" refers to the fundamental nature or character of something. Therefore, when we learn about God's name, we gain insight into His true nature and identity.
A nation represents a major thought form in your deep mind.
Any soul on the Earth.
Birth or rebirth of the conscious mind into a closer realization to the Superconscious mind.
New Jerusalem
See Holy Hill
Depending on context, either the deep mind, the Goddess or sometimes lack of understanding Night symbolizes our subconscious, dreams, sleep, and, at times, our fears or unidentified adversaries.
In the Psalms, the North is sometimes associated with the intellect, and sometimes is associated with trouble, fear, and disharmony in general.
In the Psalms , oil represents the thought or vehicle of Divine Love. Oil and ointment are symbols of gladness, praise, care, healing, and thanksgiving. Anointing with oil is also a symbol of consecration.
Physical Strength
In the Psalms, parents symbolize our past and can also reflect our conditioning and habitual thought patterns.
The natural harmony and tranquility that is always the state of the Superconscious mind
People are the representations of thoughts in our minds. Nations, on the other hand, are overarching thought forms as they consist of large numbers of individuals.
The manifestation of destructive thoughts of which one takes no responsibility.
Joyfully acknowledge that which is good.
Communication between your three levels of mind
A "promise" is a metaphysical law that carries significant meaning. In the Psalms, a "promise" represents the inherent consequences of our thoughts and states of consciousness. It signifies the natural laws that govern our experiences and shape our reality. Divine Law, Natural Law.
Pure in Heart
Free from all anxiety. At peace.
Purity in the Psalms means recognizing God alone as the only real Cause and the only real Power in existence.
See Salvation
Repentance means to change one's mind about something. To turn away from harmful thoughts and accept instead thoughts of truth.
The True, or the Truth
Righteousness means having "right thinking" and being in a healthy state of mind, which leads to actions aligned with this mindset. Harmony between your deep mind, conscious mind and superconscious mind.
A river can mean magical current, thought current, or vital forces. A river is often seen as a symbol of purpose because it constantly flows towards a destination. The River Jordan, for instance, represents a specific purpose that needs to be overcome and crossed. The Israelites achieved this by crossing it and entering the Promised Land.
In the Psalms, a rock represents solidity and reliability—a solid foundation
Magical power, as in Wand or Bough
Burnt offerings represent the transmutation of the physical to the spiritual. The process of refinement and perfection. The act of calling on the Higher Self or Superconscious.
Salvation in Psalm Magic means tthe solving of a problem. The successful result of magic. The realization of one’s true birthrights and the claiming thereof.  It can also mean attaining perfect health, harmony, and freedom, living in harmonious conditions, engaging in joyful and purposeful activities, and growing in understanding of God without fear.
Personal Will
Depending on the context, the sea often symbolizes overwhelming fears and problems that seem to consume us, but also the Mother, the Goddess, the Universal Mind of all.
The ideas planted in the mind, either good or evil.
A musical direction denoting a pause. An instruction to pause and ponder what has just been said before continuing. Stillness, Peace.
Destructive thought forms which are unknown or hidden
The elements, elemental forces, and mental energies which carry out ones desires.
Purity, Innocence. In context of the zodiac, Aries
The Superconscious mind which cares for your every need.
Shouting is like singing but with more forceful vibrations.
Mistake, error, missing the mark, falling short of the goal.
Singing creates vibrations and symbolizes the power of positive energy to overcome negativity.
Bringing harmony to discordant thinking.
Soles of Feet
Past Lives
Son of Man
Superconscious Mind
That which cannot be destroyed. That which is infinite. The Principle of Life.
Wells and springs symbolize a connection with God, and they represent the continuous flow of fresh thoughts and ideas into our consciousness.
To be certain of one’s place
Infinite Intelligence that is beyond the understanding of the Conscious Mind.
Still Waters
In the Psalms, water symbolizes the soul. When God leads us beside still waters, it means that through prayer, His power brings peace and rest to our souls.
Stones often represent spiritual truth.
Negative thoughts, or "heathen," are the real adversaries that cause challenges in life. They are not other people, but rather thoughts that lack awareness of your true self and knowledge of God. These thoughts are typically self-destructive and must be eliminated, not by fighting against them, which only strengthens them, but by exercising righteous judgment and refusing to believe in them.
The inexhaustible energy of the superconscious mind, and its power to overcome any problem through magical means.
Infinite Intelligence
Communication with Superconscious mind.
Will, Fire body. Can denote Divine Will of the Superconscious mind in certain contexts.
The tabernacle represents the early idea of the "temple of the living God," referring to the body temple, The body. The Tabernacle of God is also our body. Thus “my body is a temple.”
The magnificent structure, representing spiritual awareness, is referred to as the Temple in the Psalms. Two remarkable aspects are highlighted about this structure. Firstly, it was constructed silently, symbolizing the soundlessness of thoughts. Secondly, it was built on a rock, signifying the eternal truth of God's omnipresence and all-powerfulness.
Manifestation of thought forms
Thinking thoughts which are counter to the desires of your heart.
Connection between the upper and lower consciousness; the vehicle which bears the results of your magic
The Absolute
In the Psalms, valleys are often symbolic of challenges and hardships, the lower mind, and in some contexts the potential for a body of water (in which case, see “Sea” and “River”).
In the Bible, the spiritual meaning of the word vengeance is vindication. It represents the vindication of Truth against the challenge or accusation of fear and misunderstanding.
Spiritual sight, clairvoyance, See Eye
The Throat Chakra, The Power to Speak into being. See “Word”
Water can have different meanings depending on the context. It can symbolize purity, consciousness, and the feminine principle. However, it can also represent negativity and illusion. In the Bible, water is used to symbolize the human soul and mental movement. For instance, the Israelites had to cross bodies of water, such as the Red Sea and the Jordan, in order to reach the Promised Land. This signifies the need for a change in consciousness to demonstrate their faith.
The Path, the Craft,
Wells and springs are symbolic of connecting with God and represent the constant flow of new thoughts and ideas into our consciousness.
Without (expression)
In the Psalms, the term "wicked" represents arrogant thoughts, akin to being "bewitched" or "under a spell." This suggests that we are captivated by our own ego, believing in illusions, which leads to fear and suffering. However, seeking solace in God can break the spell and restore harmony.
Thought currents
Prana, Life Force, Vitality
In the Psalms, the word "within" means thought, while "without" or "outside" refers to the material world or experience.
The Agency by which thoughts are expressed into being.
The object of the Divine desires of one’s Higher Self.
In the Psalms, the term "world" refers to wealth, status, material accolades, and earthly endeavors. The external manifestation of internal thought forms
Wrath of God
In the Psalms, wrath refers to "great activity" - the activity that happens before or accompanies the healing of any negative condition. It can be seen as a "stirring up" before a healing process, like a period of stress that often comes before a demonstration. This is the blessing of the superconscious mind, leading to the elimination of unwanted thoughts and circumstances.
Zion represents the direct realization of God. While Jerusalem symbolizes the highest level of human consciousness before Divine contact, Zion embodies the actual realization of God Himself.
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