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Psalm Collections

Here are some collections of Psalms that many psalm magicians consider essential.


Click on the number for the Psalm you desire, and the video for that Psalm will open.

For information on using the Contractual and Purification Psalms, please read my first booklet on Psalm Magic.

Please read my article on the Golden Psalms and the Ascension Psalms.


A remarkably effective method of magic is to work a specific psalm collection for a situation. Work one Psalm per day from your chosen category until you have worked each of those Psalms in that collection. Be sure you use the Psalm formula each time. Simply reciting the Psalm is not adequate.

Once you have worked each psalm in the collection, reassess your FEELING about the situation. Your spell is complete if you feel at peace and know everything is working. If you don't have those feelings, then work another cycle. Keep working the collection until you are at peace with it. The feelings of peace and certainty are indicators that a positive manifestation is forthcoming.

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