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Livestream Lectures

The Livestream Lectures are recorded during my weekly live Soulful Sunday streams on YouTube and Twitch. I hope you join us every Sunday at 10:15 AM Pacific Time.

Livestream Lectures
Accepting the Grace of the Mother Goddess
All Gods Are One
Arrogance Vs. Humility
Astral Equivalent, The
Build Your Magical Will
Building A Daily Magical Practice
Call on the Divine Law of Restitution
Casting Burdens and Going Free
Choosing to Work With Divine Will
Claiming Your Space
Coming Light, The
Conjuring a Magical Attitude
Craft Is Vast, The
Craft Needs No Defense, The
Craft of the Wise, The
Create an Astral Equivalent for Your Desire
Damaging Effects of Judgement, The
Desire: The Catalyst for Potent Magic
Detaching From The Outcome
Discovering The Truth About Success and Failure
Divine Design
Do What You Will
Ego, The
Find Divine Surplus Everywhere
Finding the Essence of Your Spells
Florida Water Spell to Increase Financial Abundance, A
Focussing On Ourselves Is Wisdom
Forgiveness as Prosperity
Forgiveness is Practical
Forgiveness: No One Gets To Rush You
Generational Curses: You Can Be Free
Giving People A Chance
Goddes, The
Group Mind, The
High Magic Can Be Practical
How To Be Of Service To Spirit
How To Pivot from A Problem To A Solution
How To Work With The Thought-Form Of A Desire
How Wise Are You?
How to Have Faith in Your Magic
How to Inherit An Abundance of Peace
How to Make Sure Your Spells Manifest
How to Turn It Into Good
Illusion Vs. Reality in Magic
Ingredient That Makes Magic Work, The
Is Intention All You Need In Magic?
Just Law of Compensation in Magic, The
Kindness As Medicine
Learning Through Joy Vs. Pain
Left-Hand Vs. Right Hand Path
Let's Talk About Demons
Let's Talk About Fear
Let's Talk About Magical Initiation
Magic Amidst Crisis
Magic As a Hero's Journey
Magic Is A Skill You Can Learn
Magic List Workshop
Magic and Compassion
Magic of Humble Goals, The
Magic of Love's Presence, The
Magic of Rehearsing, The
Magical Faith (Not Belief)
Magical Steps to Financial Wealth
Magical Training
Magick Powers of Gratitude, The
Magick and Personal Integrity
Magnetize Your Aura With Relaxation
Occult Law Of Indifference, The
Occult Law of Generosity, The
Occult Law of Substitution, The
One Problem and One Solution
Performing Magick With a Questioning Mind
Poise is Your Power in Magic
Power and Dominion Over Your Life
Power of Meditation, The
Praise is Your Magic Wand of Increase
Praying For The Truth
Presence, The
Psalmic Initiatory Path, The
Qualities of Spirit
Question of Guilt and Innocence, A
Question of Magic Vs. Religion, A
Release is Magnetic
Results Are Your Proof
Reversing the Laws of Time and Space
Rewriting Our Script
Seat of Your Magical Power, The
Secrecy: A Potent Magical Tool
Should I Take Action After Casting A Spell?
Slowly Is Holy
Solar Light, The
Solving Problems
Success In Magic Requires This
Superstition Is Not Magical
Take It Out Of The Law
There's No Whining In Witchcraft
Think Lovely Thoughts and Take Off!
Transcending Lack Is Audacious
Turn Remorse and Regret Into Gold
Two Voices, The
Unsolvable Problems
Using Your Intuition Magically
Using the Power of No
Value of Secrecy, The
Way Out of Stuck Places, A
Way of the Adept, The
We Assign The Roles In Our Lives
What About Helping Others With Your Magic?
What Can You Influence With Magic?
What's After Life?
When You Get Strange Results From Your Magic
When Your Spell Doesn't Work
Where to Find Your Power
Why Did This Happen To Me?
Why Say Blessed Be?
Witch Police, The
Working Magic In Your Sleep
Working with Magic Words
You Are The Catalyst
You Can Make Your Whole Life Your Poppet
You Can Master Fear
You Have the Power
Your Inner Guide and You
Your Inner Mentor
Your Magical Will

Ariel's Corner


  • Get support from other students and practitioners.

  • Get your questions answered.

  • Take part in assignments and challenges to improve your magic and increase your power.

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