Ariel's Meditations


Here are over 50 different guided meditations on various topics for you to use. 


I hope you enjoy them!  


Blessed be

Akashic Spell Work
An Attraction Spell
An Initiation Into Your Ancient Inheritance
Ancient Flame, The
Attracting Money
Attuning To The Elements
Aura Cleansing and Psychic Protection
Avalon Journey, The
Banish a Financial Problem
Banishing Spell
Become Magnetic to Your Desire
Burn Away Your Worries
Cast Your Own Spell
Cauldron of Transformation, The
Connecting With Your Desire
Deep and Complete Forgiveness
Divine Protection
Evening Meditation
Evening Prosperity Meditation
Expanding Your Good
Forgiveness Meditation
Grounding and Centering
Healing With The Angelic Elixir
Healing With The Goddess
Healing with the Orange Light
Increasing Your Financial Inflow
Invoking the Circle of Angels
Lessons From The Goddess of Prosperity
Letting Problems Die
Link Up For Divination
Magic Debt Eraser, The
Manifesting Something You Desire
Meeting A Spirit Guide
Meeting the Angels
Morning Meditation
Morning Prosperity Meditation
Moving Through Grief and Loss
Orb of Light, The
Overcome Feelings of Powerlessness
Preparing to Scry
Purifying Your Energy Centers (Chakra Meditation)
Rainbow Power Meditation, The
Receive Guidance On a Choice or Decision
Receiving Your Desire
Receiving the Divine Grace of the Star Goddess
Resolving Inner Conflict
Rising Out Of Trouble
Sacred Grove of Magick and Power, The
Solar Light Meditation (Longer Version)
Solar Light Meditation (working with the Solar Light)
Spell of Invisibility
The Witch's Trance (Access Your Inner Power)
Thirty Seconds of Love From Spirit
Turn On the Money Magnet
Waking Up To Your Good
Working With A Personality Facet
Working With The Goddess of Mystery
Working With The Spirit Of Money
Your Astral Temple
Your Magical Self