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Free Guided Meditations for you 
by Ariel Gatoga

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Here you will find one-hundred or so free guided meditations on various topics for you to use. 

I started recording free guided meditations many years ago for students and friends. Eventually I started to upload them and make them available to the public. 

Visualized meditations are an integral part of magic. Having someone guide you through a visualization can make a very big difference in your success, as you are thus relieved of the burden of having to remember what comes next while you are in your trance.

With these meditations, I guide you through the experience so all you have to do is follow along with me. It's a bit like like having a story read to you.

These free guided meditations have gotten quite a loyal following over the years. 

I hope you will find that some of my free guided meditations help you to find magic and miracles in whatever areas of life you need them the most.

Blessed be!

P. S. Please make sure to also check out my free guided meditations on the Tarot Trumps as well!

Please check back frequently, because we add new, free guided meditations by Ariel Gatoga monthly!

Free Guided meditations for you from Ariel Gatoga. Blessed be.

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