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The Magical Powers of the Psalms
A Witch's Psalter

A Witch's Psalter is your guide to unlocking the ancient and mystical powers of the Psalms.

Discover the Powers of the Psalms and learn how to incorporate these ancient texts into your daily practice. From invoking the divine to banishing negativity, the Psalms can be a powerful tool for manifesting your desires and connecting with the divine forces that shape our world.

A Witch's Psalter is your go-to source for everything related to the mystical powers of the Psalms.

Join our community of like-minded spiritual seekers and discover the limitless potential of the Psalms. Explore our site today and unlock the secrets of this ancient and powerful tradition.

The Powers of Psalm 

To diminish strength of an enemy, for protection from harm from others, to turn away from bad company; to stop gossip. For success in business

The Powers of Psalm 

To destroy one’s enemies; to relieve tension; to eliminate neck and backache; for protection during travel; to eliminate conspiracies.

The Powers of Psalm 

To conquer fears; to relieve stress and tension; to relieve headache and backache.

The Powers of Psalm 

To cure insomnia; for justice in legal matters; for luck; for a good night's sleep.

The Powers of Psalm 

For any special needs or spiritual favors; go promote spiritual growth; for help dealing with authority figures; for help with the law; for help in passing examinations; for help in business.

The Powers of Psalm 

To bring relief when in distress, For good health, for compassion (to or from others); for healing eyesight; for healing difficult illness.

The Powers of Psalm 

To break a hex, to be vindicated when falsely accused, Insure a just verdict in court, overcome any crossed condition; to stop conspiricies;

The Powers of Psalm 

For new customers, to improve self esteem, for help in business; for good will.

The Powers of Psalm 

To overcome all evil, To reduce the power of any enemy, for help in court cases;

The Powers of Psalm 

For perseverance; remove negative influences; for self confidence; to purify the aura.

The Powers of Psalm 

For triumph over any adversity; to overcome fear; to reverse evil; to drive away demons.

The Powers of Psalm 

Overcome gossip, alleviate anxiety; to protect from oppression; for general protection; to avoid being abandoned.

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