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PMM is an intensive three-week course designed to jumpstart your prosperity in a major way.


So many who have completed this course over the years have reported incredible success:  authors getting published, actors getting cast in major roles, people starting new, lucrative businesses, and so on...


PMM is a very intensive three-week course. Be prepared to do a lot of work. Don't worry though, the work is a lot of fun, and you are not expected to keep up the same level of daily practice after you have completed the course.

PMM was designed to really jump start your prosperity. We are in effect building a magical prosperity machine for you that will help you to consistently increase your wealth, health, and peace of mind.


Oh, did I mention, that there is no fee for this course? That's right! You may take the complete Prosperity and Money Magic course free of charge. 


I anticipate hearing of all your great success!

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PPM is closely tied with the lunar cycle.  I recommend that you begin the course the week prior the dark moon so you can benefit from the waxing magic that we begin working.

If you find you started the course in the wrong lunar cycle, don'e worry about it.  Simply familiarize yourself with the material in the course first, and do the practical magic once the lunar cycle is right.


This course uses both deep mental and emotional magical techniques along with technical magical knowledge to assist you in creating prosperity for yourself.

The crux of each class is the recorded lectures. You can listen to these talks over and over again in order to understand the magical theory and practice that is being discussed each week. There are also handouts for you to download to complement each class and print out to include in your own notebooks, or BOS.

An open treasure chest.

Each class has specific homework assignments that should be completed during the week.  There is also an online discussion forum that is open to all current and former participants of this course in order to give ongoing support to each student.  


The information in this course is meant to be incorporated into your regular practice again and again in order to keep increasing your peace, wealth and health.


Each class has at least one separate audio meditation that can be streamed and listened to in order to enhance the material presented, or at any time you desire to use the meditations on your own.

Prosperity and Money Magic

A self-study training in effective prosperity magic

PMM is offered free of charge.

Grow your prosperity more than you ever dreamed.

Get ready to work hard!

Register for the Course:

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