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The Goddess is With You Always

The Goddess is a universal force for healing, correction, and protection. Different cultures and traditions know her by countless different names.

If there is anything in your life that seems hopeless, she can offer a fresh way of seeing it. She can give you a clear understanding that healing and resolution can be yours right now.

She is everywhere perfect. She knows what ails you and how to heal it. ⁠But she cannot enter uninvited. ⁠⁠

You can approach the Goddess by whatever name or form speaks to you through a voice of peace. You may call her Goddess, Mother, Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Diana, Artemis, Asherah, Astarte, and by countless other names.

She is not picky how you call on her.⁠

Try calling on the Divine Mother each day. Ask that she guide your every thought, word, action and intention. Meditate on her presence and then wait on her. ⁠

There is no problem that is too great for her. She can undo any mistake, she can untie any knot. She is literally “full of grace.”⁠

Grace is yours because of who you are, not because of anything you can you do. You cannot “earn” grace, you can only receive it.

You are a Divine Child of the Infinite. Grace is your birthright.

No matter you have done in the past, or whatever has happened to in the past, through grace you can find forgiveness, peace, joy, love, health, prosperity, success and all good—here and now.⁠

The Goddess is eager to help you return to your natural state of grace, joy, power and happiness. Call on her now and each day and watch the magic unfold in every area of your life.⁠


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The Goddess is ever with us withing around and without

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