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The Magic Minute

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Training your mind for magic is essential if you desire success in the Art. A focused mind is a powerful mind. Yet, it is also the QUIET mind that gets things done.

An adept can respond to any situation with power and poise.

Do you respond to problems with a reaction of upset, fear, anger, irritation, or do you respond with a calm certainty that you will prevail?

Responding to a situation with poise, grace and a calm mind means that your problem is outmatched, and that success is certain and imminent.



Your connection to Infinite Spirit is adequate enough to handle any situation, but it requires training to choose to turn to this Power rather than reacting to your predicament with fear.

The ability to focus takes practice. Each morning for the next 14 days, try the following experiment:

1. Find a place where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes. 2. Sit in a chair with your spine straight, your legs uncrossed, and your hands on your knees or in your lap. 3. Relax your body and mind. 4. With every inhale, mentally tell yourself the word "BLESSED." 5. With every exhale, mentally repeat the word "BE". 6. Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the practice. 7. After 1 minute, gently open your eyes.


The next day, try increasing your time to two minutes. Keep adding another minute each day until you get to anywhere from five to twenty minutes. If it is ever a strain to keep up your focus, simply reduce the amount of time. After only a couple of weeks of doing this, notice your ability to maintain poise amid apparent problems. Notice how much more capable you are at responding to problems with power rather than reacting with fear or irritation.

You are so amazing for reading my blog and for being a part of Ariel's Corner. It's because of you that I find such joy in sharing my techniques of working magic.

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3 kommenttia

Kiera Magnus
Kiera Magnus
12. tammik. 2021

Interesting idea, definitely going to try it! I have anything but a quiet mind and I've tried to implement mindful breathing techniques. They usually work at first but after I get used to it/memorize it I can't stay focused and my mind wanders. Maybe this technique will be more effective since I have to build up to it.


Can't wait to do this ❤️


Melissa Welsh
Melissa Welsh
11. tammik. 2021

I love this practice!

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