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A Psalm #150 Challenge

I hope you consider joining me in working Psalm #150 daily for 7 straight days, starting today, September 21.

If you start late, don't worry, do it for 7 consecutive days from whatever day you start.

It's an exciting practice.

Get ready for all kinds of fairy dust, magic smoke, and glitter bombs as all the spells you have worked begin to manifest in the most lovely ways. Join us on our Discord Server to get support, ask questions, and share:

Psalm 150 purifies our desires. It ensures that what we are going for is good for us.

Working Psalm 150 as a thank you is traditional practice; however, working it before the manifestation of a spell is where the power of this Psalm reveals itself most potently.

Praising our desires as being met before their manifestation purifies the energy, so the manifestation is perfect.

Witches tend to have plenty of moments in their lives where we, unfortunately, got exactly what we said we wanted, and it's just awful, LOL

Working this Psalm before our spell's manifestation assures us of a lovely and perfect working out of our goal or problem.

"Aunt Clara" moments are only funny when you watch them on Bewitched. In real life, they are a bummer. Use Psalm 150 directly after you cast your next spell, and you'll always be assured of a perfect manifestation.

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Done. 7 days of 7.

Had a vivid dream last night - was told many things.

With further reflection, it would make sense to do this for 7 days startiing on a Friday, and do the last day on a Thursday at a Jupiter hour.


I’m in


Psalm 150 video is here:

In the Psalm, the word gudlow has the root word גֹּדֶל (godel, greatness). Godel (geduah in Western kabbalah) is a synonym for חֶסֶד (chesed, grace/kindness).

The Godname El rules Chesed and is mentioned in verse 1 as אֵ֥ל בְּקָדְשׁ֑וֹ (El be-Qadeshu, El in his Holy Sanctuary).

Day 3 of 7. The story continues...



Merry Meet and Thank you! I'm all in for the challenge.


Tammy Blake
Tammy Blake

Thank you for the invite. This helps all the more as a little booster 😀

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