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But Aren't Psalms A Christian Thing?

When I post videos or articles on Psalm magic, I get comments and questions from both Christians and non-Christians alike about using "Christian writings." The Psalms were written CENTURIES before the supposed birth of Christ.

While it is true that the character Jesus worked Psalms in many of the stories in the New Testament, the Psalms did not come from him, his teachings, nor his followers.

The Psalms were included in the ancient Hebrew Bible (called the "Old Testament" by Christians), and were a part of the established religious structure of the culture out of which Christianity was born, yet that does not make the Psalms Christian in origin.

Many Christians pray the Psalms as part of their religious practices. This fact does not make the Psalms inherently Christian in nature.

From the perspective of the Psalmic Magical tradition I follow, the Psalms are much older than the versions which are contained in the Bible as we know it.

While we respect all religions, including Judaism and Christianity, the Psalmic Magical Tradition is not necessarily a part of these religions.

We work with the Book of Psalms as a distinct book, not necessarily as part of the Bible.

We do not consider Psalm Magic to be "Bible Magic" per se, because we view the Psalms as having been APPROPRIATED by the ancient Hebrew scribes, not COMPOSED by them. To us, Psalms are neither Christian nor biblical in nature.

To us, the Book of Psalms is a standalone spell-book written by ancient cultures, the magic of which many of us find to be unparalleled.

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