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Bless Impossible Situations

If you are facing challenges that seem impossible, take heart.

Within you is the power to overcome any challenge. The key to overcoming rests in the idea of not resisting your challenge.

Whatever happens, find a way to make friends with the situation immediately and deliberately. Once you have made friends with the case spiritually, potent power is released to bring about the healing required.

Remember that “what we resist is what persists.” When we make friends with a problem, we take the wind out of its sails.

Through the blessing, we allow ourselves to be released from each part of the problem causing us distress.

The esoteric meaning behind the injunction to “love our enemies” is that when you make friends with a problem, you release a power to heal it that nothing can oppose or stop.

When you bless a problem, you invoke the Divine Design into the situation. In the presence of the power of divinity, things must either conform to the Divine Design or dissolve.

Take a few moments several times today and think of an irritating situation. Send it blessing and friendship. Repeat this reminder over and over again throughout your day:

“I am a channel of Infinite Law and am richly endowed with its Power. Let the Divine Design prevail here and now.”

Here's a lecture I gave that you might enjoy, called "Why Do We Witches Say Blessed Be?"

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1 Comment

You read my mind. Thank you, this was exactly what I needed to hear. Right at this exact moment. Emotional feast here, and feeding it the wrong wolf. Blessed be!!

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