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First Steps in Magical Training

Magic is your birthright.

Magic is not something for an elite few.

Magic is not something you must be born into.

Magic is an art and just like any other art, it must be studied and practiced. Talent alone is not enough.

You were born with certain inherent magical abilities which can be built, strengthened and used for your good.


The first and most important step in learning to harness your magical abilities is that of focus and concentration.

Any decent magical tradition will teach its students how to train their unruly minds from the outset. When you train your mind, you notice immediate results.

You can begin today to train your mind for magic just by first noticing what you are saying to yourself and to others. Especially note your idle speech.

Anytime you notice yourself discussing anything you don’t want more of in your life, learn to turn your speech patterns around so that your words conform to what you do want instead.


For example, if you are looking at a piece of clothing on a website and notice yourself saying, “I could NEVER afford that,” simply turn that around and say something like, “even though I don’t have the cash for that right now, I know I can afford it if I really want it.”

Just by making slight adjustments to your speech, you begin to train your mind for magic.

Of course magical training includes much more than only this, but when you keep up the simple practice outlined above, you find that you have much more power to change things than you ever realized.


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