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The Magick Powers of Gratitude

When there are areas in life that are dark, scary, and hopeless, there is always a way out.

Just like Glinda told Dorothy, we have always had the power instantly to go home; our home is the realm of peace, health, and plenty.

Within our own minds lies the key that unlocks the inner gates, which have been keeping us from our own good. If you feel as though you have misplaced this key, you can find it through the steady and regular practice of gratitude.

When we take time out each day to think honestly of the people, things, and situations for which we are grateful, a potent force is released within us.

The more frequently we engage in this practice of giving thanks, the more this force multiplies exponentially.

When in the throes of any kind of negative situation, the last thing most people consider doing is giving thanks, yet that is the very thing that will turn things around.

You can prove this to yourself.

Take seven straight days where you begin and end your day with a list of at least twenty things for which you have genuine gratitude. Take time with this. Ponder the items on your list, don’t just rattle them off like a parrot.

At the end of this seven-day period, look back and notice how different your life looks already. This should offer all the proof you need to continue the practice.

When things look bad, get busy with gratitude.

When things look good, stay busy with gratitude.

Let the disciplined and definite daily practice of giving thanks bring you immense reward. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time, and its rewards are infinite.

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