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Let Infinite Spirit Handle It

Does something in your life seem out of control, or too big to manage?

Infinite Spirit can handle it for you.

No matter if the problem is mental, emotional, financial, relationship, legal, or other Infinite Spirit can handle it for you.

Start right now to drop your burden and realize that the most efficient way to be in charge is to let Infinite Spirit handle it for you.

Infinite Spirit will reveal the answers and show you any action you need to take, or words you need to say.

Begin this moment to release your burdens by allowing these ideas to sink into your deep mind:

“There is a presence and power that is more powerful and more intelligent than I am. This power is ready to work through me as I let go of my control."

"I know that by myself I can do nothing, but with Infinite Spirit, anything can be done through me."

"I am willing to let go and let Infinite Spirit handle it all for me right now.”

Divine guidance and assistance are here with you right now and can carry you from where you are and place you into the perfect solution.

Allowing Infinite Spirit to handle your problem is not neglecting your responsibilities. Instead, you are courageously facing your challenges armed with the presence and power of the Infinite.

Throughout the day, remind yourself repeatedly,

“I let go and let Infinite Spirit handle it.”

Once you partner with the same force that creates all life, you realize that your problem is divinely outmatched.

If any doubt persists, remind yourself frequently, “I let go and let Infinite Spirit handle it.”

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2022

BlessedBe xoxoxo

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