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Let Spirit Fill Your Needs

Help Is At Hand

Whenever we feel tense, worried, anxious, or afraid about our circumstances our first reaction is usually to plan, scheme, and try to figure everything out on our own.

This often causes great strain, worry, and effort for us. We plan, question, reason and try to fix things, but in most cases, we aren’t capable of coming up with the best solutions all on our own.

The more we try to fix things ourselves, the more we seem to dig ourselves deeper into the problem.


Spirit Knows Your Needs

Instead, we can first simply acknowledge our perceived need, then take a deep breath, relax, and say, “I let go, and allow Infinite Spirit to fill this need right now.”

Infinite Spirit is intelligent. It knows all, is everywhere, is always present, can destroyed, and is eager to fill our needs and dissolve our fears immediately.

When we put all of our attention on Infinite Spirit, we immediately begin to experience tangible benefits. As we continue to keep our minds focussed on Infinite Intelligence, rather than on trying to fix things ourselves, we see things being to work out for us.


Nothing is Difficult For Spirit

Infinite Spirit is never late. Infinite Spirit never strives, strains, worries, or fears about anything. From the perspective of Infinite Spirit there are no “big” problems or “little” problems, they are all equally solvable with ease.

Let’s take one problem this week that seems enormous, and experiment with this technique. State, “I let go, and let Infinite Spirit fill this need.” Then we simply do that which is in front of us to do and allow ourselves to be guided every step of the way, as we keep our focus on Infinite Spirit.

Notice how quickly problems clear up when we let go, and let Infinite Spirit fill our need. The following lecture may be helpful in understanding how the presence of Spirit contains everything we need in any situation:


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