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Rewrite Your Script

Whenever we face a crisis, our first reaction is to imagine the worst likely outcome.

We often imagine and speak of upcoming calamities, loss, ruin, oppression, etc. This practice makes things worse, not better.

The next time you notice things taking a wrong turn, STOP!

Observe your tendency to assume the role of writer, director, and star of this disaster film, and say, “I do NOT understand what is happening. I do not know what is coming. I do not know what to do in this situation. I am open and willing to have Spirit take over and guide me right now.”

Anytime you notice yourself writing and directing the process again, remind yourself, “I give this situation to Spirit. I am guided and led by Infinite Intelligence here and now.”

Then take things one little step at a time. Do what is in front of you to do. Allow yourself to be guided each step of the way.

Rather than using your mind for scripting the ending to your situation, give that job to Spirit. Let the miracles of Spirit replace all your ideas of what can and should happen.

Let the all-powerful force guide you and keep your mind focused on only what is directly in front of you. Don’t worry about the big picture; let Spirit lead you one tiny step at a time.

Spirit knows the ways and means for your release when you do not. Call on this force and use it. Let Spirit write the script and direct the scene for you. Spirit’s will for you is happiness; let Spirit’s will be done. Here is a lecture called "Rewriting The Script In The Moment":

Blessed be!

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