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Shekinah: The Substance of Prosperity

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According to one theory of magic, life emerges in the vastness of space, and matter is a result of this process. Throughout space, powerful forces are waiting to be harnessed. These unseen energies hold limitless potential that surpasses our current understanding. It is from this hidden realm that all creation emerges, emphasizing the concept of an unseen "Kingdom" where abundance and sustenance thrive.

The invisible Substance, the origin of everything visible, is abundantly available and responsive to our faith and thoughts, regardless of circumstances. In times of uncertainty, we can flourish by expressing our faith in this ever-present Substance. By directing our thoughts towards abundance, we can manifest physical abundance, irrespective of others' opinions or actions.

Unveiling the Essence of Shekinah: The Divine Substance and Interconnection of Matter and Spirit

This divine Substance is revered as the Holy Mother, The Goddess, or the Holy Spirit. In different Pauline Traditions of magic, it is called Shekinah, which comes from Hebrew and means "Dwelling." Shekinah represents the nurturing and gracious energy of the divine, resonating across various cultures and spiritual traditions, embodying the essence of the sacred feminine.

In angelic magic, Shekinah is emphasized primarily through Binah, Netzach, and Yesod. As a result, Cassiel, Anael, and Gabriel act as messengers on her behalf. Humans receive the Shekinah through Gabriel because Yesod is the etheric plane that can be accessed from our current state. Hence, Gabriel is widely acknowledged as the Shekinah in certain Pauline traditions.

Shekinah, also known as the Luminous Essence, is the driving force behind all manifestations in the universe. She represents the intricate interplay between matter and energy. All matter is concentrated energy waves, while light is the boundless expansiveness of these waves. This captivating phenomenon showcases the complex relationship between matter, energy, and the limitless expressions of Shekinah's luminosity. As we explore this remarkable revelation, we uncover a tapestry of interconnectedness that reveals the profound mysteries of existence.

Shekinah encompasses the intangible essence of the Divine that gives rise to all particles and forms. As the foundational principle of all manifestations, She remains invisible to our senses, transcending materiality and forming the fundamental basis of the universe. She upholds and personifies the ultimate truth underlying existence, from the tangible world to the ethereal realms of thought. Her essence illuminates the very fabric of creation, penetrating every aspect of being.

The Divine Presence of Shekinah: Embracing Connection and Manifestation

In moments of stillness, when the world grows quiet, you can catch a glimpse of Shekinah. Picture delicate flakes of golden or silver snow, like faerie dust, gently falling from the sky. These astral particles symbolize the inner brilliance within physical light, swirling in a sacred dance. They embody the extraordinary essence that fills your consciousness. You can take regular pauses in your day to immerse yourself in their celestial beauty, allowing their gentle touch to bring peace and strengthen your connection. Imagine yourself doing so in any way you prefer.

Our thoughts possess an extraordinary power to shape the very essence of reality. Whether consciously or not, our choices, attitudes, imagination, and words profoundly impact the world we perceive. These projections establish a connection with the Shekinah, thereby catalyzing the manifestation of tangible outcomes in our lives. We co-create our unique reality through our thoughts, choices, beliefs, feelings, and words, influencing our journey in seen and unseen ways. Sadly, for most, this occurs without their conscious awareness.

In the New Testament, the character Jesus was reported to say something that has perplexed many over the centuries: "Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men." This statement pertains to the unchanging essence of Divine Law. According to this law, whatever impresses the Shekinah will always manifest. Blasphemy means imprinting the Shekinah with fearful or hateful thoughts in this context. The idea that such blasphemy is unforgivable suggests that even God cannot prevent tangible outcomes from our projections into the Shekinah, as universal Law governs it. Our responsibility is to master our minds and control what we project. Until then, our fearful and painful reality will persist.

Embracing Shekinah: Opening to the Realm of Abundance

Acknowledging the perpetual presence of Shekinah, like the very air we breathe, holds utmost importance on our spiritual path. As we expand our consciousness and honor Shekinah with deep reverence, we open to profound inspiration and find fulfillment in every facet of life. The pursuit and embrace of Shekinah reveal an awareness of boundless abundance and allow us to forge a profound connection with the divine essence that permeates our existence.

The realm of abundance awaits those actively seeking it and embracing its principles. To tap into this realm of prosperity, we must realign our perception of wealth and acknowledge the limitless potential within us. This mindset opens us to the inner magical power to manifest our desired transformations.

We must let go of personal ownership to tap into the limitless abundance within and around us. Money, houses, and land represent universal concepts that cannot be selfishly possessed. While our names may be on the deeds, we must never forget that they symbolize the infinite wealth of Spirit flowing through us for our benefit. We are simply caretakers of the material things we appear to possess. Our true wealth lies in our connection to the unseen substance within and around us. The less we strive to possess things in our hearts, the more abundantly this substance flows within our lives.

The Power of Spirit: Finding Fulfillment and Connection

Believing in personal possessions can restrict our connection with the spiritual realm, where our desires promptly materialize in response to our requests. Humanity's true home resides within this transcendent realm of deep peace, love, and harmonious existence. Those who have discovered this inner kingdom, liberated from material attachments, no longer struggle for fulfillment. Instead, they effortlessly access divine provision, witnessing their aspirations magically emerge.

Always remember that everything is inherently connected to the realm of Spirit, and true ownership is an illusion. Embracing this profound understanding brings immense relief and boundless joy. Whatever your needs or desires, they are graciously bestowed upon you by the unwavering laws of eternity. This epitomizes authentic abundance, as material possessions often lead only to destitution. You will learn to fully embrace the pleasures of the material world without attaching yourself to the notion of possessing or retaining it. Instead, you effortlessly manifest and appreciate its presence.

Those driven by selfish motives in pursuing Shekinah, the divine Substance, will ultimately meet disappointment. Although they may amass material wealth and fleeting success, the dire consequences of self-serving exploitation will be catastrophic. Such acts of egoism create an imbalance that fosters disconnection from the true spiritual essence of life, leaving one hollow and unfulfilled. Genuine fulfillment and harmony can only be attained through genuine humility and an authentic longing to serve.

Embracing Shekinah: Receiving Abundance and Purpose

We all have different financial situations and seek reassurance of lasting substance. By acknowledging that our supply is infinite and originates from the Mind of Spirit, we can receive and give with gratitude, knowing that abundance is always available.

Recognizing the ever-present Shekinah is crucial for building a deep connection with her. During tough times, acknowledging Shekinah as the Substance of Spirit helps us tap into our inner strength and resilience. She is always with us, ready to bring abundance into our lives.

Embracing this concept empowers us to navigate life's challenges with gratitude, knowing that solutions are always within reach. It brings us joy to understand that the universe's boundless abundance unconditionally supports us, regardless of our circumstances.

Cultivate Connection with Shekinah: Experience Lasting Abundance in Your Life

Cultivate a deep connection with Shekinah and receive lasting abundance in your life. Recognize your vital link to Spirit as the abundant living Shekinah flows through you, constantly showering blessings. External circumstances do not limit this divine abundance but present endless opportunities for growth, prosperity, and fulfillment. Embrace this unwavering spiritual opulence, allowing it to nourish and guide you toward a truly abundant and purposeful life.

Embrace the abundant presence of Shekinah within you and allow it to flow through you as a conduit of expression. Witness and appreciate the manifestation of this enchanting energy in every aspect of your life, like divine faerie dust sparkling all around. Shift your focus to the universal nature of this Divine Substance. This magical element blesses everything from finances to meals, clothing, and work.

As you become more aware of her presence, she will manifest and bless all aspects of your life. To truly experience abundance, it is essential to acknowledge and embody Shekinah personally. Aligning with her improves our situation, no matter the challenge. She dispels fears and reduces worries. By finding stillness and looking within, we can connect with Her, the Substance of our abundant Source, and then perceive the world before us as a vibrant cascade of golden and silver snowflakes, magical dust, the Shekinah.

Prayer of Shekinah

With the Divine power of Shekinah, my heart brims with boundless elation. The ever-present Spirit of abundance assures my prosperity in all realms of life. Shekinah glows with mystical love, bestowing her richness, tranquility, and contentment upon me. Blessed be.

Suggested reading:

1. The Cosmic Shekinah: A historical study of the goddess of the Old Testament and Kabbalah by Sorita d'Este and David Rankine

2. The Great Goddess: Reverence of the Divine Feminine from the Paleolithic to the Present by Jean Markale

3. The Evolution of the Shekinah: From Archetype to Kabbalistic Metaphysics

by Madonna Sophia Compton

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