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Six Day Prosperity Psalm Spell

For those of you who like Psalm spells, I'm starting a six-day prosperity spell beginning Thursday, March 3, 2022.

If you miss doing this spell with us live, you can easily complete it on your own!

There will not be an online event for this spell.

There are six Psalms in this collection.

Starting Thursday, retire somewhere each day, and work one Psalm from the collection, using the Psalmic Formula, following the schedule given below.

Do your very best not to miss a session.

Work only one Psalm per day, but if you would like to work any of the Psalms more than once per day, feel free.

At the end of the six days, you will have worked the entire collection once through.

If there is a goal you are trying to achieve, or a problem you are trying to solve, bring whatever it is to this casting to be transformed.

We are not considering any lunar phase, planetary days, planetary hours, or other correspondences in this spell.

You may work this spell for literally any part of your life that requires prosperity, abundance and/or wealth.

The last day of spell casting is Tuesday, 3/8/22.

No other ritual besides the daily Psalm is required.

If you don't know the Psalmic Formula, you can download my free booklet which explains how to do it.

Do any of your castings right along with me on my Psalm Videos, or do them on your own as you desire.

Prosperity Psalm Spell:

Day 1: Psalm 1

Day 2: Psalm 16 Day 3: Psalm 23 Day 4: Psalm 65 Day 5: Psalm 76 Day 6: Psalm 105 Here's to your never-ending prosperity and abundance!

Blessed be.

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Pamela Lund
Pamela Lund
Dec 27, 2022

I did these Psalms last year before I did my taxes and got a huge return! And my return contained my special number in it which is very specific to me. I’m going to do these again before I do my taxes again since I had such magical results. 💜🤗💚


I am late by a year😵‍💫. Can I do this now


Gratitude : I did this spell at the beginning of March. I didn't ask for money, but a solution for a problem that is bothering me for years now and I was so desperate because of it. Two weeks ago, I began seeing a solution. My problem is not totally solved yet, but I am happy that it is at least 25% solved and I feel at peace. Thank GOD and thank you @Ariel for your teachings. Blessed Be.


Hi I've been reading the psalms out loud ..


I'm enjoying these a LOT! My favorite kind of magic.

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