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The High Magic of the Solar Light

There are old wisdom sayings such as, "God looks through the face of the sun," or "The sun is a disc of gold hiding God's face."

On the Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah, the sixth sphere is the sphere of the sun. The sun represents the Universal Life Principle.

This sixth sphere has been called the Sphere of the Miraculous. It represents a force of the universe that is capable of doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves.


To invoke the power of this sphere, I use a device called The Solar Light. The Solar Light is the force that has all power to heal and correct. It has a reorganizing ability that takes every aspect of our minds, bodies, and affairs and reorganizes them so that they conform to the Divine Design.

To call on the Solar Light is simplicity itself. Simply relax your body and mind for a moment. See a beautiful ray of golden sunlight pouring through the crown of your head. See this light moving down your spinal column, lighting your spine up with Solar Light.

Next, see this beautiful golden Solar Light move into your bloodstream. See your bloodstream carry this beautiful light to every cell and atom of your body.


Then see the Solar Light move into your respiratory system. Breathe the golden light into every part of your body, mind, and affairs as you see your entire aura glowing with rich, Solar Light.

Tell yourself that The Solar Light now heals you. The Solar light now reorganizes every aspect of your life to conform to the Divine Design. Give thanks that this is so.

I have recorded a Solar Light audio meditation for your use and included it here.


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