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The Basics of Mental Magic

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

All Magic Is of the Mind

There is almost an infinite number of different tools that are used in magic. Magical paraphernalia such as candles, perfumes, poppets, incense, altars, etc. can be an incredibly important part of a person's magical practice. In reality, we perform all magic solely with the mind. While tools can be of great help to focus and organize our mind, it is purely the mind which casts the spell. The tools have absolutely no power in and of themselves. To believe otherwise is mere superstition. One wonderful aspect of working purely mental magic is that you can cast a spell any time you like, in any place you want. This is especially helpful to those who desire their magical practice to remain private. Following is a method of casting mental spells that I hope you find much success in using!



The Basics of Mental Magic

1. Deep Relaxation

We humans keep ourselves in a state of defense for the bulk of our day. Most people only allow their defenses to come down during sleep at night. Tension in the body mirrors tension in the mind with great exactitude. In order to relax any part of your body, you must lower whatever defense it represents in your mind. Thus it is by relaxing your body that you lower your mental defenses. A state of defenselessness is an ingredient that makes spell casting extremely powerful. This is the reason we work our magic in a trance. You can feel safest lowering your defenses when you are in a protected space. Therefore, many practitioners work their magic within a magic circle or some other manner of protected space (such as the Orb of Light).


2. Visualization

Once you are in a state of relaxation and a mild trance, you can begin to plant the mental seed of that which you desire to see in your life. See a very brief scene in your mind that proves that your desire has already occurred. Example scenes are seeing yourself being congratulated by your new boss, hearing your accountant tell you that the debt is all paid in full, hearing your doctor tell you the condition has cleared up, seeing your realtor putting the sold sign on the house, etc. Repeat this very tiny scene in your mind in a loop for about five minutes.

3. Conjure

Imagine what you really would feel like were this thing to happen to you. Conjure that feeling as you are seeing your chosen scene from Step 2. Hit this step hard. Allow yourself to work up the emotion as best as you can during this step. FEEL what it feels like to emotionally experience this desire as if it has already happened.

4. Focus

Imagine the scene from Step 2 and the emotions from Step 3 focus into a small ball of energy in front of you. See this thought form in the color you associate with your desire (green for prosperity orange for success, etc.). Imagine this thought-form move up and out of your room, like a balloon floating into the air, until it disappears from sight.



5. Detach Once your spell is cast, let it go. Set it and forget it. Don't keep looking over your shoulder, wondering if things are happening yet. Know that it is working. Get busy doing other things. Whenever you think of your desire, smile and say, "Blessed be." This lets your deep mind know that all is well and your desire is on the way.

6. Kill the pests The exception to the "set it and forget it" stance is when fears come in. If you experience fear or worry regarding your desire, eliminate it immediately. Think of a small affirmation or chant that you can repeat if fears or worries come up. Kill the pests on the spot. For instance, if after you cast a spell to pay a bill you notice worries about the bill, you might say, "This bill is being paid in divine order." If you worry about your health spell you might say, "Every cell of my body is bathed in Infinite Life," and so on. I certainly hope you enjoy practicing this simple but very powerful technique. I can't wait to hear about all your wonderful success! Blessed be Below are two videos. One is a guided meditation that takes you through each step of the mental magic process, and the other is a lecture that goes into more detail about mental magic!


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I absolutely love this. It’s what makes magick so practical and manageable. I have to share, I’m a huge control freak and worry wort. I really appreciate the suggestions on how to kill the pests (I call it the itty bitty shitty committee). Love it!!!

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga

Thank you so much for reading and for your great comment, Julie!! BB

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