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The Mage Within

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The inner adept

Within each of us is a magical adept, or inner mage, Our inner mage is constantly at work casting spells for us based on the ideas and concepts that we show it are important to us.

Your mage is a true adept. Every spell it casts is a success; yet it only casts spells you request of it. Your inner mage doesn't speak in a human language. It communicates through feelings and images.

What you find attractive is what you are in effect telling your mage to cast spells for.


What are you attracted to?

Do you gravitate toward good news or bad? Are you taken in by gossip or are you attracted to conversations that uplift and inspire? Do you lean towards arguments, or do you gravitate to peaceful discourse? You can come up with many more questions like these on your own, the answers to which will give you an idea of the kinds of spells the mage within you casts on your behalf.

Some of our desires, or leanings, we pick up from the muck of the lower astral plane where much of the group mind of our species spends a lot of time.

We don't need to suppress our desires or shame ourselves for any of our attractions; rather, we need to notice our desires and thus become aware of the types of spells our mage is casting on our behalf.

This is so important because the kinds of attractions that come from the lower astral, if not questioned, give your inner mage the go-ahead to cast the most evil of spells on yourself.


Cast a new spell

Declare that you will no longer allow the most nefarious sections of the group mind to take hold of your thoughts without your consent.

Declare that only YOU will decide the kinds of spells that your mage will cast.

Take back your wand

The wand is a symbol of the partnership between you and your inner mage working in harmony.

Cast spells for good to come to you through your magic.

Cast that your magic becomes more and more powerful day by day.

Cast that your magic brings you success upon success, glory upon glory, joy upon joy.


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